Unpaid commuting stress: Evaluation of the relocation policy of the Beijing Municipal Government
author:Weidong Qu, Zhen Yan, Bing Zhu 2021-03-25

This article examines the impact of the relocation policy of the Beijing Municipal Government on the turnover intention of staff. Based on 1005 questionnaires and an instrumental variable regression, ... ...More>>

New Book | The Role of the State in China’s Urban System Development: Government Capacity, Institution and Policy
author:Jiejing Wang 2021-03-22

Existing theories on urban system development derived from the experiences of Western advanced countries mainly emphasize the importance of geographical factors and market forces. They do not pay much... ...More>>

New Book | Local Government Innovativeness in China
author:Youlang Zhang 2021-03-19

Local government innovation has become one of the most important topics on China’s policy agenda in recent decades. This book explains why some local governments are more innovative than others. This ... ...More>>

Folding Beijing in Houchangcun Road, or, the topology of power density
author:Yimin Zhao 2020-11-30

This paper engages with discussions on geographies of urban density by investigating the enduring power relations that underlie the (de-)forming of urban densities in Beijing. Articulating a topologic... ...More>>