Fiscal Slack, Rule Constraints, and Government Corruption
author:Wenchi Wei 2020-08-29

This article examines the effect of fiscal slack on government corruption using the U.S. states in the period from 1998 to 2012 as a research sample. Fiscal slack in the U.S. states is commonly referr... ...More>>

State Fiscal Constraints and Local Responses: Evidence from the Property Tax Limit Overrides in Massachusetts
author:Wenchi Wei, J.S.Butler 2020-04-21

This research examines the determinants of the likelihood of property tax limit override attempts and successes in the context of Massachusetts's Proposition 2½. The authors apply the “Leviathan” gove... ...More>>

The Moderating Role of Top‐Down Supports in Horizontal Innovation Diffusion
author:Youlang Zhang,Xufeng Zhu 2019-12-30

How do governments respond to multiple types of external pressures under limited resources? Are the effects of different types of diffusional pressures complementary or substitutive? This article appr... ...More>>

How Social Capital Shapes Citizen Willingness to Co-Invest in Public Services: The Case of Flood Control
author:Youlang Zhang,Xinsheng Liu,Arnold Vedlitz 2019-12-15

Why are citizens in some communities more willing to co‐invest in public services than citizens in other communities? Citizen co‐investment has become an important policy tool for governments to finan... ...More>>