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Professor Xiao Qunzhong Gave a Lecture for MPA Students


MPA Master Class entitled, a lecture "Contemporary Value of Traditional Virtues" was held at the auditorium, Qiushi Building, on the afternoon of April 9, 2017. Professor Xiao Qunzhong, deputy director of the Center for Ethics and Moral Construction, School of Philosophy at Renmin University of China, gave the lecture. Professor Xiao is mainly engaged in ethics and traditional Chinese ethics, who is the winner of the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award (2002) and the finalist of the “21th Century Talents Development Plan of Ministry of Education” (2005). This lecture was hosted by Professor Xu Guangjian, vice deputy dean of the School of Public Administration and Policy.


The lecture coverd the following three aspects. First of all, Prof. Xiao believed “Traditional virtue is the core and soul of Chinese culture”, he said that the traditional virtues refer to those reasonable ingredients and essence of traditional morality, which are still valuable today by the standards of any age. Morality is the distinctive feature during the formation and development of Chinese culture, and it is the core of all cultural elements. The supremacy of morality is the foundation of Confucianism, and morality-oriented is the soul of Chinese people's cultural identity and daily life.

Secondly, he explained the historical evolution and the basic spirit of traditional virtues. Professor Xiao provided concentrated explanations for the historical evolution of traditional virtues from the pre-Qin Dynasty to the era after Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, and summed up the value orientation of traditional virtues is that morality is above interests, obligations are prior to rights, the group is above the individuals, others are more important than themselves, harmony is more worthy than competition.

Finally, Prof. Xiao made a concentrative explanation on the contemporary value of traditional virtues, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, it is the spiritual power to achieve the “Chinese Dream” of the great rejuvenation of the nation; second, it is reliable guarantee for the social harmony and the people's happy life; third, it is the fundamentality for people to be carefree and contented, fit and happy.

The lecture was intensive, informative, and humorous. The students enthusiastically took notes, creating an impressive atmosphere. Professor Xiao’s precious words earned bursts of audience applause and after the lecture, he interacted with the students and answered their questions.


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