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Real Estate Operation and Management (Code 0202Z3)


1. Overview

Renmin University of China set the first “Real Estate Operation and Management” undergraduate major in China in 1993 and recruited master and doctor graduates of “Real Estate Management Direction” in the major of Business & Management in the same year. A complete talent training system including undergraduates, masters, MPA (professional direction) and PhD student (direction) education has been formed currently, achieved enormous teaching and scientific research achievements, published tens of related papers, released more than 20 monographs and teaching materials such as the “National Quality Material” and “National Planning Material” Real Estate Economics, the “National Planning Material” Real Estate Development and Management, Real Estate Assessment and Law of Real Estate Administration, and “Real Estate Series of Materials in 21 Century”, and submitted several Research and Consulting reports for enterprises and all governmental departments, wherein a number of achievements won the provincial excellent achievement awards. Recently, this major is focused on the National Natural Science Fund Issue “Coordinated Development between Real Estate Industry and Social Economy”, the Ministry of Education and Social Science Fund Project “Study on real estate bubble in China and early - warning system”, the National Social Science Fund “Study on real estate bubble ”, the National Social Science Fund “Economic analysis and policies on migrant housing system”, the National Natural Science Fund “Multidimensional measurement and dynamic adjustment mechanism of housing security boundary” and others.

2. Main research directions

Direction I: Real Estate Economic Theory;

Direction II: Real Estate Market and Price;

Direction III: Real Estate Development and Operation;

Direction IV: Real Estate Financing and Investment;

Direction V: Real Estate Tax and Public Finance; and

Direction VI: Housing Construction and Housing Security.

3. Main research contents

On the basis of basic theoretical research in Economics and Management, research all economic and social relations in the real estate economic operation process, the coordination of these interest relations, and the regulation and management measures and policies to promote coordinated development between real estate industry and social economy.

① Real Estate Economic Theory: mainly research the operation rules of real estate economy and market, mutual influence and change rule between real estate and all social and economic departments, as the theoretical basis guiding the operation of real estate economy.

② Real Estate Market and Price: mainly research the characteristic and operation rule of real estate market, the qualitative and quantitative analysis method of real estate market analysis, and the real estate market investment technology, as an important measure and method for researching real estate economy and management; and the real estate price evaluation theory, practice and technology.

③ Real Estate Development and Operation: mainly research the theories and practices of real estate development and operation, marketing and property management, and provide important theory and method for economic activities of real estate enterprises.

④ Real Estate Financing and Investment: mainly research the basic operation rule of real estate financing activity and investment action, and influence and function thereof on the real estate operation; research the commercial real estate finance; and discuss the solution of solving the urban construction and housing problems by using many real estate financial tools and measures.

⑤ Real Estate Tax and Public Finance: research the composition and implementation feasibility of real estate tax, the significance of real estate tax to local finance, the influence of real estate tax on real estate industry, and the land finance and related local governmental debt.

⑥ Housing Construction and Housing Security: mainly research the specialty of housing construction and housing development, and deeply research how does the government reinforce the housing security, complete the housing system construction, improve the policy level, solve the housing problem of low-income family, maintain the social fair, and adjust the social finance distribution.

4. Major goals

① Doctor training objective

To train the high-level professional talents being adaptive to the demand of building a socialist market economy, having rich theory and research methods in Economics and Management and wide social knowledge, being familiar with model metering technology and amount analysis tool, and being able to independently undertake the innovative work in the field of real estate economic management.

② Master training objective

To train the high-quality professional talents being adaptive to the demand of building a socialist market economy, having deep basic theory, basic skill and systematic knowledge in Real Estate Economy and Real Estate Operation Management, and being able to perform the research work related to economic management or independently undertake the practical work in this field.

5. Teacher resources in this major

There are 3 professors (including 1 part-time professor), 5 associate professors (including 2 interdisciplinary professors), 2 lecturers, and 3 doctoral supervisors; and 9 in-service teachers are doctors and 1 teacher is postdoctor.

6. Academic exchanges with foreign countries

The land Management School keeps close relation to several international research institutes and academic teams as a member of International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), a director of Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES), and a director of Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research (APNHR). These international communication and cooperation platforms provide teachers and students multi-level and different academic exchange opportunities.

The Land Management School keeps different forms of cooperative research and mutual visit with several high schools in Europe, America, Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the teacher/student visit and communication for many years and large population, and the student exchange project with Feng Chia University.

7. Main courses

Main master courses include: Senior Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Real Estate Market Research, Monetary Finance, Real Estate Finance and Investment, Application of Econometrics in Real Estate Research, Real Estate Pricing Case, Real Estate Development and Operation, Urban Operation and Management, and Domestic and Foreign Real Estate Management.

Main doctor courses include: Research on Real Estate Economic and Management Literatures, Land Management Theory and Method, Macro Economics and Policy Hot Topic, and Research on Front Questions.

8. Course international certification

The master major of Real Estate Economic and Management was first certified by an international authority Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2004, and passed the certification again in 2008. This certification enables the master to apply the member thereof and also paves excellent basis for employment and work of students.

Renmin University of China is the school that first applied this major successfully in China.

9. Main graduate placement

Central and local government economic decision making department, land and real estate management department, policy research institute, real estate development and operation enterprise, financial organizations such as Bank of Commerce, real estate advisory assessment mechanism, high school and scientific research organization.

Doctoral supervisors:

Huang Yanfen, Lv Ping, Xie Jingrong, and Feng Lei