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Notice of Academic Lecture:An Exploration of Collaboration Risk in Joint Ventures: Perceptions of Risk by Local Economic Development Officia


SpeakerJered B. Carr, UIC Professor, Department Head of Public Administration Urban Affairs Review editor

TitleAn Exploration of Collaboration Risk in Joint Ventures: Perceptions of Risk by Local Economic Development Officials in the U.S.


Time 1400pm-1630pm, June 14th

Venue Room 317, Qiushi Building

Speaker resume

Jered B. Carr professor of Illinois at Chicago, is the Department Head of Public Administration, and also serve as the Urban Affairs Review editor. His areas of teaching and research is mainly intergovernmental management, urban governance and local government administration. Professor Carr published papers in the American Review of Public Administration, Journal of the Urban Affairs, Political Research Quarterly, Public Administration Review, Urban Affairs Review and Urban Studies and other leading journals.

Lecture Abtract

This study explores the nature of “collaboration” risk in joint ventures and the factors that affect local development officials’ perceptions of these risks. Extant research on barriers to joint venture formation clearly indicates an important role for collaboration risk, but a systematic examination of the factors shaping local officials’ perceptions of this risk is lacking. We propose that their perceptions of the region’s norms regarding interlocal collaboration, the structure of the communication networks they have created with other local officials and differences in the racial composition of their own cities are important factors shaping their perceptions of collaboration risk. Our findings provide researchers with a basis for understanding the dimensions of collaboration risk in joint ventures and highlight the importance of the regional climate of cooperation among municipal leaders in shaping these perceptions. The two measures capturing the environment for collaboration in the region had the strongest link to the respondents’ perception of collaboration risk on joint ventures for economic development.