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SPAP MPA team of RUC won the first prize of the first National "Case Center Cup" Graduate Public Administration Case Competition


  On April 29th, the first National "Case Center Cup" Graduate Public Administration Case Competition was held in the Zhejiang University. The team from School of Public Administration and Policy of Renmin University of China has achieved good results. The team, which is supervised by Professor Wang Conghu and comprised of Su Lingran, Wang Xiao, Zhang Qinan, Meng Ying, Zhu Chunchao, Ma Wenjuan (who has participated in the case writing) and other students, has won the first prize (runner-up). Another team which is supervised by Associate Professor Fan Yongmao and is comprised of Lin Qingxia, Liu Yueyi, Qiu Zien, Su Ying, Tang Lijie and other students, has won the third prize. The third team which is supervised by Zhang Nandiyang and comprised of Jiang Chencong, Qiao Yuanhui, Tang Jiaji, Wang Jiesuo, Zhang Bing and other students, has won the outstanding prize. Mr. Zhang Qinan won the title of “the most valuable player”.


    The first National "Case Center Cup" Graduate Public Administration Case Competition is one of the theme competitions of the national graduate innovation themed events co-hosted by China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education and National MPA Education Steering Committee and undertaked by School of Public Affairs of Zhejiang University . The competition, targeting at all MPA students, postgraduate students from disciplines related to public administration and MPA graduates, has attracted 671 teams from 143   universities and institutions since it was started from the end of 2016.

   Both teachers and students in SPAP, RUC attach great importance to this competition. Leaders of the school and the MPA Education Steering Committee have hosted a special seminar for this, and MPA students actively signed up for the competition. Finally, six teams from SPAP were formed to enter for it. After several rounds of anonymous appraisal by the sponsor, three teams entered the national “top 100”; two entered the national “top 32”; one entered the national “top 16” and played in the finals representing SPAP. After fierce competition, this team, as No.1 in their group, successfully reached the final round with competitors from Sun Yat-sen University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University. At last, they won the second place, which exhibits the high level and excellence of MPA students in RUC.


   This competition has made sound explorations in how to improve MPA students’ ability to analyze and solve practical issues by using theories and methods in public administration and policy, which will greatly promote the further popularization of case-based teaching for MPAs and postgraduates in public administration. Topics selected in this competition are almost real-world issues in public administration and policy facing our country currently, which embodies the correct direction that MPA education should be closely related to practice and serve national economic and social development.