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Delegate selected by the SPAP, Renmin University of China Winning In NASPAA-BATTEN Simulation Competition



On 26th Jan.2016, Mr. LI Qinghui, selected by the SPAP, Renmin University of China, participated in the 2017 NASPAA-BATTEN Simulation Competition which was hosted by the School of Public Policy & Management, Tshinghua University as the only delegate of the Renmin University. For the Competition, 40 participants from 12 Top-level Asian Universities came together and shared the unique thinking, excellent strategies and fair contesting.

The participants had 7 rounds to express their projects and discuss the impacting aspects of the selected strategies and ideas. The judge panel from the NASPAA experts combined the performances for each participant including language and skill, sim-strategies selections and Qs & As on the spot and so on to score each contestant during the whole competition. Finally, the WORLD I, where Mr. LI represented, wined the final Champion.

NASPAA, established in 1970, is the global standard in public service education. It is the membership organization of graduate education programs in public policy, public affairs, public administration and public & nonprofit management. The student simulation competition is conducted by the NASPAA for the graduate students in public policy and administration. And this year, the new Beijing site for the competition is available for the Asian students in public policy and administration.


pic1 Awarding Spot(the one Left is Mr. LI Qinghui from the SPAP)


pic2 spot on the competition


pic3 parts of participants and judges