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Lecture 25 of the Qiushi Academic Forum:Theory and Practice of Collaborative Governance


SpeakerMichael McGuire, Professor, Executive Associate Dean at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Title Theory and Practice of Collaborative Governance

Time 12:00am-13:30pm, June 17th

VenueRoom 320, Qiushi Building

Speaker resume

Michael McGuire is an internationally renowned scholar in the areas of public management networks, collaboration, and intergovernmental relations. His research focuses on how public managers operate, facilitate, and lead collaborative networks of organizations. McGuire has won numerous awards for his published scholarship and teaching. In 2012, he was elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.

McGuire has served the profession and the community in various positions including: consultant for the Democratic Parliamentary Strengthening Program in Ukraine and Crimea; instructor for the Joint Leadership Development Program, Office of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence; consultant to the Texas Coalition of Cities for Utility Issues; and chair, Planning and Networks Advisory Committees, Denton County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Agency. He has given numerous invited talks, including as a plenary speaker at Royal Roads University`s Networks Leadership Symposium in Victoria, British Columbia, in November 2013.

Prior to joining the faculty at Indiana University in 2005, McGuire served on the faculty of the Department of Public Administration at the University of North Texas, where he was director of the Master of Public Administration program.