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RUC Professor Huang Yanfen Won the Honor of “Jean Monnet Chair Professor” from European Union


The European Union’s Education and Culture Executive Committee noticed that Professor Huang Yanfen won the honor of “Jean Monnet Chair Professor” of the European Union in November, 2021. Professor Huang will carry out related teaching and research activities about “Innovation of Public Administration in European Integration” with the support of the European Union. “Jean Monnet Professor” is the highest academic honor awarded by the European Union to outstanding teaching and research personnel engaged in European Union research and teaching around the world, and it is highly approved for scholars engaged in European integration teaching and research.

Professor Huang Yanfen won a comprehensive score of 93 in the competition of more than 700 Jean Monnet project applications in 2021 globally (ranked first in Greater China). The European Commission awarded Professor Huang Yanfen the title of “Jean Monnet Chair Professor”, which reflects the academic approval of Chinese scholars in studying European integration from the perspective of public management and public policy. With the support of the European Union, Professor Huang Yanfen will focus on the topic of “Innovation of Public Administration in European Integration” and complete the following main tasks: (1) expand academic cooperation channels, hold related academic activities, and strengthen cooperation and exchanges with relevant domestic and global institutions and practical departments. (2) strengthen the cooperative research between Chinese and European scholars to produce high-level academic achievements.

About “Jean Monnet Project”:

“Jean Monnet Project” was founded by the European Commission in 1989. It was named after Jean Monnet, the ‘chief designer’ of the European integration movement after World War II and the French politician who was known as “the father of Europe”. The project is open to global applicants, with fierce competition and strict approval procedures. Its purpose is to subsidize the teaching and scientific research of higher education institutions to promote European integration around the world, so as to promote the relations between the EU and other parts of the world and the dialogue between people and cultures, and enhance the understanding of European integration.