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Jun Cui  Professor  

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Institute of public finance and public policycuijun@ruc.edu.cn
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212,Qiushi Building010-62516011

Education Experience

1999-2002 School of Finance,Renmin University of China Ph.D. in Economics 1995-1998 School of Public Finance & Taxation,Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Master of Economics 1991-1995 Dongbei University of Finance & Economics,Department of Finance Bachelor of Economics

Part time Job

Review Expert for National Natural Science Foundation of China Review Expert for Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province Financial Expert of Equipment for the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China Certified Public Accountant of China(CPA)


Undergraduate course Public Finance Academic Master Public Finance Master of Public Administration(MPA) Public Finance, Taxation System and International Taxation Doctoral course Main Literature Study of Public Finance and Public Policy, Academic Seminar, Public Finance Theory and Administration Frontier

Research Expertise

Public Finance Administration and Policy(Taxation system reform, local finance, government procurement of public service)

Selected Publications

1、Presided over the National Social Science Foundation Key Project: “ Research on Building China’s Direct Tax System from the Objective of Constructing Olive-like Structure of Income Distribution”.(11AJY010) 2、Presided over the Beijing Social Science Foundation Project: “Research on the Role, Practice and Mechanism Design of Government Procurement of Public Service in Community Public Service Provision in Beijing”.(15JGB036) 3、Jun, CUI. and Qi, YANG., 2013. “On the Construction of Performance Evaluation Index System for Public Emergency Expenditure--Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process”. Finance & Trade Economics, no.3, pp.21-31. 4、Jun, CUI. and Qi, YANG., 2014. “An Empirical Study of the Distorting Effects of Land Finance on Urbanization in China since the Beginning of the 21st Century--Based on the Data of the First-tier and Second-tier Cities”. Journal of Renmin University of China, no.1, pp.55-64. 5、Jun, CUI. and Xiaolu, ZHU., 2014. “A Framework for Tax Structure Reform in China”. Public Administration and Policy Review, no.3, pp.25-35. 6、Jun, CUI. and Yaxuan, ZHANG., 2015. “Internal Proportion and Tax Burden of Personal Income Tax (2000-2012): Trend Comparison and Policy Considerations”. Taxation Research, no.3, pp.36-43. 7、Jun, CUI., Yaxuan, ZHANG. and Jian QIU., 2015. “’One Body With Two Wings’: The Basic Framework of the Practical Exploration and Academic Research on Government Procurement of Public Service”. Journal of Xuzhou Institute of Technology (Social Sciences Edition), no.2, pp.38-108. 8、Peiyong, GAO. and Jun, CUI., 2015. Public Sector Economics, 4th edn. Renmin University of China Press, Beijing. (2001,1st edn. 2004, 2nd edn. 2011, 3rd edn. 2016, 4th edn.)