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Xiuying Cheng  Associate Professor  

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Department of administrationXiuying_cheng@msn.com
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Qiushi Bldg. 422A010-82502300

Education Experience

1992-1996, Department of Sociology at Wuhan University BA 1996-1999, Department of Sociology at Peking University BA 1999-2001, Dept. of Sociology at UW-Madison, Master of Science 2001-2010, Dept. of Sociology at UC-Berkeley, Ph.D


social science research design, undergraduate, public administration, 2014- principle of sociology, undergraduate, public administration, 2014- gender studies, undergraduate, college optional course, 2014- classical works of public administration, graduate, public administration, 2015- The making of modern China, IMPA, 2015-

Research Expertise

Labor policy and politics political sociology history of western social theory social governance gender studies

Selected Publications

1,“Dispersive Containment – A comparative case study of labor politics in central China”,in Journal of Contemporary China, Vol. 22, No 79, January 2013. 2, "From Political Enchantment to Legal Logic-- A discursive analysis of contentious labor politics in central China“, in Journal of Contemporary China, forthcoming