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Shuhai Zhang  Assistant professor  

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Land Management Departmentzhangshuhai@ruc.edu.cn
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Education Experience

2002.9-2007.7 B.E, Urban Planning, Peking University, China 2007.9-2013.7 PhD, Human Geography, Peking University, China 2011.11-2015.9 PhD, Spatial Planning, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Part time Job

Reviewer, Elsevier Group


Land Cadastre, since 2016 Spatial planning: theory and practice, since 2016 Public management: theory and practice, since 2017 Property rights and registration, since 2017 Land finance and property tax, since 2016

Research Expertise

Spatial planning Self-organization and governance urban and rural governance

Selected Publications

Zhang Shuhai & Zheng Guo, 2020. Does gating make residents feel safer? Evidence from the gated villages of Beijing, Cities. 101, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cities.2020.102676. Zhang Shuhai, Gert de Roo & Ward Rauws, 2019. Understanding selforganization and formal institutions in peri-urban transformations: A case study from Beijing, Environment and Planning B. 47(2), pp. 1-17. Zhang Shuhai & Zheng Guo, 2018. Gating or De-gating: The rise of gated village Beijing, Habitat International, 85, pp. 1-13. Zhang Shuhai, Gert de Roo & Lu Bin, 2016. The Relativity of Self-organization and Planning, Town Planning Review, 87(3), pp. 253–274. Zhang Shuhai, Gert de Roo & Terry Van Dijk, 2015. Understanding Urbanization as the Interaction between Self-organization and Institutional Rules: Cases in Beijing, Planning Practice and Research, 30(2):160-178.