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Hufeng Wang  Professor  

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Institute of social securitywanghufeng616@ruc.edu.cn
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Room 410, Qiushi Building86(10)62514868

Education Experience

Wuhan University, MSc Law, 1990-1993 Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ph.D., Economy, 1999-2002

Work Experience

Deputy Director of the Office of the Leading Group, the Deputy Secretary for Social Security, Beihai, Guangxi 1995-1999 Medicare Division, Ministry of Human resources and Social Security,Beijing 2002-2005 School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin university of China, Beijing, 2005-present

Part time Job

committee and professional membership Member of expertise panel for Health Care Reform, committed by State Council, 2015-present Specialist Editor, Chinese Health Economics Specialist Editor, Chinese Health Specialist Editor, China Hospital CEO Specialist Editor, China Pharmacy Specialist Editor, China Health Insurance New Rural Cooperative Medical Care Support Panel, Ministry of Health European Project Panel, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Prevention and Control of Cancer in China, expertise Panel China Medical Insurance Research Panel Capital Health Management and Policy Research Panel Beijing Medical Insurance Committee Panel


Undergraduate General Social Security Postgraduate Health Management, Healthcare Reform MPA (Master of Public Administration) China Healthcare Reform, Health Economics

Research Expertise

1. Public Health Reform 2. Health Management 3. Healthcare Reform

Selected Publications

1.Views on the Health Reform in China, China Labor and Social Security Press, 2008 2. New Healthcare Reform: Principles and Policies, China Financial & Economic Publishing House, 2009 3.Medical Security, China Renmin University Press, 2011.03 4.Modes of Raising Social Medical Insurance Pooling Level in China: An International Perspective, Comparative Economic and Social System, 2009 (6). Distinction Paper 5.Wang, H.. (2011) An evaluation of the policy on community health organizations in China: Will the priority of new healthcare reform in China be a success?,Health Policy,2011.1