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Huayi Yu  Associate Professor  

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Land Management Departmentrucyhy@gmail.com
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Qiushi Building 414+86 10 82502307

Education Experience


2005.7, Bachelor in Economics, School of Economics, Nankai University

2010.6, Phd in Economics, School of Economics, Renmin University of China

2008.7- 2010.1, Joint-Education Program, Regional Economic Application Lab (REAL) and Department of Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Work Experience


2010.9-2015.7,Department of Land & Real Estate Management,Lecturer (assistant professor)                

2015.8-,Department of Land & Real Estate Management,Associate Professor                

2016.8-2017.8,AEM, Cornell University, Visiting Associate Professor

Part time Job

2014.9-, TV show host of New Economic Times, Chongqing TV. 2010.9-,Refrees for Regional Science and Urban Economics, Economic Research Journal, Cities, Journal of Productivity Analysis, Energy Policy, Public Performance & Management Review, and so on.


【Undergraduate】:Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Urban Economics. 【Graduate】:Frontiers in Real Estate Economics, Spatial Analysis Method in Real Estate Economics. 【MPA】:Applied Economics

Research Expertise

Urban Economics, Real Estate Economics, Spatial Economics, Applied Econometrics.

Selected Publications


1. Yu, Huayi, 2015:“The Spillovers and Heterogeneous Responses of Housing Prices: a GVAR Analysis of China's 35 Major Cities”, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, Vol. 20, No.4, pp.535-558. (SSCI)

2. Yu, Huayi, 2012: "The Influential Factors of China's Regional Energy Intensity and its Spatial Linkages: 1988–2007", Energy Policy, Vol.45, pp.583-593. (SSCI & SCI)

3. Yu, Huayi, 2011: "Size and Characteristic of Housing Bubbles in China’s Major Cities: 1999–2010", China & World Economy, Vol.19, No.6, pp.56-75.(SSCI)

4. 余华义(Yu, Huayi),2015:《城市化、大城市化与中国地方政府规模的变动》(Urbanization, Megapolization and Local Government Size in China),《经济研究》(Economic Research Journal),Vol.50, No.10.

5. 余华义(Yu, Huayi), 黄燕芬(Huang, Yanfen),2015:《货币政策影响收入和房价的跨区域联动》(Trans-regional Interaction between Income and Housing Prices under Given Monetary Policy),《中国软科学》(China Soft Science),No.10.