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Guangjian Xu  Professor  

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Institute of public finance and public policyxgj@ruc.edu.cn
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Room 204-B, Qiushi Building010-62516005

Education Experience

BA (Economics), 1978--1982, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics MA (Economics), 1982--1985, Renmin University of China Ph.D. (Economics), 1997--2003, Renmin University of China

Work Experience

May 2019----Professor Jan. 2015----Executive Vice Dean, School of Public Administration and Policy Renmin University of China June 2001--Dec. 2014, Vice Dean, School of Public Administration and Policy Renmin University of China Jan. 1996-June 2001 Chairman, Dept. of National Economic Management Renmin University of China Professor of Economics, June 1997--present Associate professor, June 1991-1996 Assistant professor, Dec. 1985-1991 Renmin University of China

Part time Job

Vice Chairman, China Price Association Standing Fellow, China International Economic Relations Association Standing Fellow, China Market Regulation and Supervision Association Vice Chairman, Beijing Price Association


Undergraduate: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics M.A graduate: Study of Economics, Economics of government regulation MPA graduate: Economics, Macroeconomic policy IMPA graduate: China Economy PH.D graduate: The classical literature of public finance and public policy, Frontiers of public finance and public policy

Research Expertise

Economics of Public Sector Macroeconomic policy Price Policy Chinese Economy

Selected Publications

1. Applied Economics (Collaborated with Su Rujie and Chen Zhang), Published by Renmin University of China Press, 2007 2、The Practice Exploration and Development Orientation of Government Purchasing Public Services:The Case of Beijing, (Collaborated with Wu Yan ), China Public Administration, Vol.9, 2015 3、China"s Governance Reform of Public Budgeting: Transparency, Accountability, Public Participation, Respons, (Collaborated with Wei Yifang, Li Tianjian, Liao Fuxiu ), Joural of Renmin University of China, Vol.6, 2014 4、Why Has China`s Final Consumption Rate Declined since 1978? Causes and Implications, with Dai Liyuan and Zhong Jipeng, Journal of Family and Economic Issues , 2010.6; 5、A Study on Non-Performing Loans of China’s Major Commercial Banks,THE BULLETIN OF INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS,2006.12;