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Jianping Ye  Professor  

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Land Management Departmentjpye@ruc.edu.cn
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309# QIUSHI BIULDING010-62515908

Education Experience

PhD. 2000-2002 ,Renmin University of China 1990 - 1992 Federal Germany Development Fund (DSE) support to Germany, visiting scholars, research and management of real estate 1986-1989 Renmin University of China master of Economics 1980 Wuhan University (formerly Wuhan science and Technology University of Surveying and mapping) Bachelor of Engineering

Part time Job

1 the executive director of the Global Chinese real estate cogrence 2. Vice chairman of the Chinese real estate appraisers and Brokers Association (2002--2012) 3 executive director of the Land Institute of China 4 expert of the Ministry of land and resources, PRC, the Ministry of housing and construction 5 deputy director of the housing policy and market regulation research committee of China's Urban Research Council 6 Weihai City People's Government of Shandong city planning and Development Consultant 7 executive vice president of the Beijing Institute of land 8 executive director of the Beijing Institute of real estate law 9 Beijing city land price audit committee 10 University of Hong Kong costruction and real estate department Honorary Professor 11 adjunct professor, Zhejiang Normal University


1 Introduction to land science 2 urban management 3 valuation of real estate 4 real estate marketing 5 real estate investment analysis

Research Expertise

1 land policy and system 2 real estate management 3 Housing Policy 4 land and urbanization

Selected Publications

1 Ye Jianping, the dilemma of land use in urban and rural areas of China: Path Selection and mechanism design, China Economic Publishing House, 2012-05 2Ye Jianping, Zhang Youhui, the same land is not the same life -- from the practice of the comprehensive improvement of land in Dongli Tianjin City, China's urbanization, Renmin University of China press, 2010-03 3 Ye Jianping, Tian Chen. Study and Reflection on the structure of rural land property right in the transition period of China -- Based on the empirical analysis of China's 17 provinces in 2005 and 2011 [J]. financial science, 2012, (9). 4. Ye Jianping, Lei Feng, Jiang Yan, Roy prosterman, Zhu Keliang. 2008 China rural land use right of investigation, 17 provinces findings and policy proposals [J]. Management of the world. 2010, (1). 5 Ye Jianping, Jiang Yan, Roy Prosterman, Zhu Keliang, Feng Lei, Li Ping. China's rural land use right in 2005 investigation and study: 17 provinces survey results and policy recommendations [J]. management world, 2006, (7).