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Shan Guo  Assistant professor  

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Land Management Departmentshan.guo@ruc.edu.cn
Office                            Tel
Room 426, Qiushi Buiding010-82504589

Education Experience

2006/09-2010/07, B.A., Civil and Resource Engineering School, University of Science and Technology, Beijing; 2010/09-2013/07, M.S., Engineering School, Peking University; 2013/09-2017/01, Ph.D., Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Work Experience

2017/09-, Assistant Professor, Department of Land Management, School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China; 2017/02-2017/09, Postdoc, Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; 2015/08-2016/06, Visiting Scholar, Forestry and Environment Study, Yale University


Research Methodology in the Public Administration, 2017-; Research Method, 2018-; Land Ecological Economics, 2018-; Research Ethics and Academic Writing, 2019-; Survey Research Method, 2019-

Research Expertise

Sustainable Land Use, Land Ecological Economics, Urbanization and Resource Management

Selected Publications

List of Publications (As the first author or corresponding author): 1. Guo, S., Jiang, L., Shen Q.P., 2018. Embodied pasture land use change in China 2000-2015: From the perspective of globalization. Land Use Policy 82: 476-485. (SSCI, IF=3.194) 2. Guo, S., Shen, G..Q.P., Peng, Y., 2016. Embodied agricultural water use in China from 1997 to 2010. Journal of Cleaner Production 112 (4): 3176-3184. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=4.167) 3. Guo, S., Shen, G.Q.P., Yang J., Sun B.X., Xue F., 2016. Embodied energy of service trading in Hong Kong. Smart and Sustainable Built Environment 4 (2): 234-248. 4. Guo, S., Shen, G.Q.P., Chen, Z.M., Yu, R., 2016. Embodied cultivated land use in China 1987–2007. Ecological Indicators 47, 198-209. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=3.444) 5. Guo, S., Shen, G.Q.P., 2015. Multiregional Input–Output Model for China’s Farm Land and Water Use. Environmental Science & Technology 49 (1): 403-414. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=5.481) 6. Zhang L, Guo, S. *, Wu Z, et al., 2018. SWOT Analysis for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Rural Buildings: A Case Study of China. Energies 11(4): 851. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=3.045) 7. Hong, J.K., Shen, G.Q.P., Guo, S. *, Xue, F., Zheng W., 2015. Energy use embodied in China׳s construction industry: A multi-regional input–output analysis. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 53: 1303-1312. (SCI, EI, IF=5.901) 8. Guo, S., Chen, G.Q., 2013. Multi-scale Input-output Analysis for Multiple Responsibility Entities: Carbon Emission by Urban Economy in Beijing 2007. Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management 1, 43-54. 9. Guo, S., Liu, J.B., Shao, L., Li, J.S., An, Y.R., 2012. Energy-Dominated Local Carbon Emissions in Beijing 2007: Inventory and Input-Output Analysis. Scientific World Journal doi.org/10.1100/2012/923183. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=1.219) 10. Guo, S., Shao, L., Chen, H., Li, Z., Liu, J.B., Xu, F.X., Li, J.S., Han, M.Y., Meng, J., Chen, Z.M., Li, S.C., 2012. Inventory and input–output analysis of CO2 emissions by fossil fuel consumption in Beijing 2007. Ecological Informatics 12, 93-100. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=1.980) 11. Chen, G.Q., Guo, S.*, Shao, L., Li, J.S., Chen, Z.M., 2013. Three-scale input–output modeling for urban economy: Carbon emission by Beijing 2007. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 18, 2493-2506. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=2.569) 12. Yang, Q., Guo, S.*, Yuan, W.H., Chen, Y.Q., Wang, X.H., Wu, T.H., Alsaedi, A., Hayat, T., 2013. Energy-dominated carbon metabolism: A case study of Hubei province, China. Ecological Informatics 26, Part 1, 85-92. (SSCI, SCI, EI, IF=1.980)