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Yuesong Zhang  Professor  

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Land Management Departmentyuesong51@sina.com
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Qiushi 40613071174012

Education Experience

1989—1993 bachelor Shenyang Construction University Civil Engineering (the direction of real estate business management) 1997—2002 Master, PhD Management science and engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

Work Experience

2002, lecturer, associate professor, Renmin University of China School of Public Administration and Policy 1993 - 1999 lecturer, Shenyang Construction University 2006 - 2007 Guangxi Nanning Qingxiu District vice mayor (Work on secondment)

Part time Job

2010- director China Construction Industry Association Management Modern Specialized Committee 2016- director Beijing Institute of Engineering Management Science


Real estate development、 Management and real estate Case analysisreal estate development 、Real estate planning and project management Housing system and evaluation for MPA

Research Expertise

1.housing security and housing policy 2. real estate market and planning 3. real estate development and management

Selected Publications

1.Monograph: Housing Security Policy - the exploration, practice and evaluation of the transition period, China Building Industry Press, 2014.9 2.Crowding out analysis Based on the VAR model of the affordable housing for ordinary commercial housing , Journal of Central University of Finance and Economics, 2013 (7): 79-82 (CSSCI) 3. The influence of smart growth planning on China's affordable housing demand, Journal of engineering management, 2013 (2): 75-79 (CJCR). 4. The performance evaluation of construction industry listed companies based on DEA, Journal of civil engineering , 2012 (6): 331-336 (EI) 5. The Comparison and Analysis of Real Estate Operation in China. Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology. 2004(2):658-662 (EI)