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Yuanjie Bao  Assistant professor  

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Institute of organization and human resourcesbaoyuanjie@ruc.edu.cn
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Room 422B, Qiushi Building010-82502309

Education Experience

2000-2004 Bachelor of Law, Renmin University of China 2006-2008 Master of management, Renmin University of China 2008-2009 Master of management, ESADE Business School, Spain 2008-2012 PhD of management, ESADE Business School, Spain

Work Experience

2013~Now, Institute of public organizaiton and human resource


Bachelor, Management, Organizational theory and organizational design; Master, Strategic management, Organizational theory and organizational design, Recruitment and Selection; MPA, Management, Recruitment and Selection; IMPA, Insititutions and public administration;

Research Expertise

1. Organizational culture and leadership; 2. Motivation and value-based management; 3. Stress perception and coping; 4. Strategic human resource management and strategic management in the public domain.

Selected Publications

1. Bao, Y., & Zhong, W. (forthcoming): Work values of Chinese MPA students: Underlying dimensions and group differences, International Journal of Public Administration, DOI:10.1080/01900692.2020.1739072 2. Bao, Y., & Zhong, W. (forthcoming). Public service motivation matters: Examining the differential effects of challenge and hindrance stressors on organizational identification and turnover intention. Public Management Review: 1-22. 3. Zhong, W., Bao, Y., & Huang, X. (forthcoming). Celebrating differences while reserving commonality: work values of Chinese public organization employees. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 0(0). 4. Li, C., & Bao, Y. 2020. Ethical leadership and positive work behaviors: a conditional process model. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 35(3): 155-168. 5. Bao, Y., & Ge, L. 2019. Linking transformational leadership and value congruence among Chinese police force: The mediating role of goal clarity and the moderating role of public service motivation. Australian Journal of Public Administration, 78(3): 373-395. 6. Bao, Y., & Li, C. 2019. From moral leadership to positive work behaviors: the mediating roles of value congruence and leader-member exchange. Frontiers of Business Research in China, 13(1): 6. 7. Zhong, W., & Bao, Y. 2019. Personal values and value congruence of public administration graduate students: An exploratory study in China. Australian Journal of Public Administration, 78(1): 56-78. 8. Bao, Y., Li, C., & Zhao, H. 2018. Servant leadership and engagement: a dual mediation model. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 33(6): 406-417. 9. Liu, Y., Bao, Y., & Liu, W. 2013. Mapping the values and culture in Chinese public sectors: An exploratory study. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 20(4): 559-577. 10. Bao, Y., Vedina, R., Moodie, S., & Dolan, S. 2013. The relationship between value incongruence and individual and organizational well-being outcomes: An exploratory study among Catalan nurses. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 69(3): 631-641.