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Dynamic passenger demand-oriented train scheduling optimization considering flexible short-turning strategy



Author: Liya Yang, Yu Yao, Hua Shi , Pan Shang

Abstract: In this study, we focus on improving the efficiency of an urban rail transit line under the circumstance of spatially unbalanced passenger demand. A flexible short-turning strategy is integrated into the train scheduling problem, aiming to obtain a train timetable and the corresponding circulation plan adapted to a time-dependent passenger demand. First, we formulate the dynamic passenger demand-oriented train scheduling problem as a multi-commodity network flow optimization model in a two-layer space-time network. The proposed model is then decomposed into train scheduling and passenger assignment sub-problems by relaxing the coupling constraint. Therefore, an optimal solution of the original model can be obtained by iteratively solving two easy-to-solve sub-problems in a Lagrangian relaxation solution framework. The effectiveness of the model is evaluated using a series of simple experiments and a real-world case study based on the Beijing Yizhuang Line.