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Affordable Excellence: the Singapore Healthcare Story


Translator: Wang Dan


Published by Chemical Industry Press, September, 2016

This is the first monograph in China to systematically introduce the Singapore healthcare system.

Singapore ranks sixth in the field of healthcare, far ahead of the America and many other developed countries. What’s more, the share of GDP on healthcare cost and the per capita medical expense are both far less than those high-income countries. Its cost on healthcare is only half of that of the western European countries, less than a quarter of the American healthcare cost. How Singapore makes the healthcare system “affordable excellence” worth to be acknowledged by the government leaders, ministers of finance and healthcare, councilors, healthcare officials and experts all over the world.

It should be noted that the Singaporeans who are of Chinese origins were not rich in the past. In mere half a century, Singapore ascended into one of the countries that have highest income per capita from a low-income country, and its healthcare condition has become the best in the world. It would be a great pity if the Chinese reformers did not learn from Singapore.

Chinese healthcare system is undergoing enormous changes, which will deeply influence the life and future of every Chinese. So the Chinese readers must be fully interested in the Singapore healthcare story in spite of the political and academic boundaries. How does Singapore divide responsibilities of the national health between the government and the individuals? How does the country deal with the competition between the public and private medical institutions? How does it encourage and control the development of public hospitals? How does it regulate and supervise the drug industry? How the challenges of ageing population are addressed? You will find all the answers in this book.