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2016 Master and Bachelor Degree-awardinging Ceremony of SPAP



Master and Bachelor Degree-awarding Ceremony of SPAP was held in the Rulun auditorium on the morning of June, 23th.

Professor Hong Da-Yong, vice president of Renmin University; Professor Yang Kai-Feng, dean of School of Public administration and Policy; Researcher Li Jia-Fu, party secretary and vice dean; professor Xu Guang-Jian, executive vice dean; professor Yan Jin-Ming, vice dean; professor Dong Ke-Yong, teacher representative of the school; professor Yang Jian; professor Sun Bo-Ying; professor Li Zhen; professor Ye Yu-Min; professor Mao Shou-Long; professor Yang Hong-Shan; professor Feng Lei; professor Qin Bo; associate professor Qu Yan-Li; associate professor Li Wen-Zhao; associate professor Li Qing; associate professor Meng Fan-Yu; Bao Yuan-Jie attended the ceremony. Degree-awarding Ceremony was chaired by Professor Cui Jun, vice party secretary.

Hong Da-Yong, vice president, congratulated our graduates on behalf of the university, and encouraged them to "grow up in morality, and apply their knowledge in practice". He also encouraged them to be grateful with a spirit of mercy and justice.


Party secretary and vice dean Li Jia-Fu announced "2016 bachelor and master's degree awarding decision of School of Public Administration and Policy of Renmin University of China". In 2016, a total of 111 graduates were awarded bachelor's degree, 340 students were awarded master’s degree (329 masters of Management, 11 masters of economics).


451 students stepped onto the stage one by one to accept degrees awarded.


Bachelor student representative 2016 Hou Yu-Cheng from administrative management dept. spoke about her four-year college life and growing-up experience, and expressed her strong will to devote herself to academia and research.


Master student representative 2016 Lin Yi-Jia from public organization and human resource major made a speech. He demonstrated his understand to public spirit, and expressed his classmates' noble spirit, "for the world, for the people, for the knowledge, and for the peace".


MPA representative 2016 Zhao Min spoke on behalf of all MPA graduates. She fondly recalled the life of studying in SPAP, expressed her appreciation to her teachers and classmates, and claimed her strong will to pursue dream and to follow public spirit.


Professor Yang Hong-Shan spoke on behalf of mentors. He encouraged graduates to insist faith, to be responsible, to pursue public spirit, to insist personal integrity, to exceed self, to be delighted to serve, to insist base line and to remember initial.


Director Yang Kai-Feng gave concluding speech. He congratulated all the graduates, fully affirmed the achievements and expressed his hope for the future. He hoped every graduate from SPAP to be "an educated person, a person with public spirit, and a responsible person".