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Professor Sun Baiying Awarded the Second Prize for 14th BeijingExcellent Achievementsin Philosophy and Social Science


Recently, Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles issued the list of 14th BeijingExcellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science. Ordered Citizen Participation under Local Governance won the second prize. It was co-authored byProfessor Sun Baiying and Doctor Du Yingge (nowlecturer of theSchool of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University)fromthe School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China.



The monograph was published by China Renmin University Press in 2013. It summarizes the theories and practices of citizen participation home and abroad, elaborates the aim, scope, level and approach of citizen participation under local governance, interprets the stage theory of citizen participation and the theoretical analysis framework on the applicability of different types of citizen participation. On that basis,the authors discuss on the essence and manifestation of ordered citizen participation, and the relationship between citizen participation and deliberative democracy. The book also looks at the real situation of China’s political development, sorts out the development progress of citizen participation since the reform and opening over three decades ago, explains the characteristics and main mechanism of participation development, and points out the drives and challenges, and prospects and paths of citizen participation development.

Ordered Citizen Participation under Local Governance has been listed in the library series of public management, and in the planned projects of national key book publication. It is a masterpiece studying the development and trend of citizen participation in China. Its views have been cited by many theses and dissertations. The book is of great significance in the field of citizen participation and enjoys high reputation in the academia of public management.