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Professor Jin Zhengkun Gave a Lecture for MPA students


On the afternoon of October 29, 2016, Professor Jin Zhengkun from Department of Diplomacy, the School of International Studies, gave a lecture on“Advanced Business Etiquettes and Effective Communication” in Room 0402, Mingfa Building. This lecture was hosted by Mr. Xu Guangjian, executive deputy dean of the School of Public Administration and Policy, and director of MPA Education Center.


The lecture focused on communication, cooperation, rules and images. Using vivid cases, Professor Jin emphasized that we should make initiate communication, talk and behave in a mature and moderate manner, and think twice before act.Professor Jin believed that on the basis of adequate communication, cooperation should be paid more attention. It is a pluralistic society. As the old saying goes, “it is the nature that all things are different”. We need to consider problems in multi perspectives, to be more tolerant, and to seek common ground and reserve differences. Then we can achieve success. We need to obey rules and behave in an educated and reasonable manner while communicating with others. Jin believed that the best way to get along with other people is to find their merits and learn to appreciate them. Growth is the process to graduallylower our expectations for others and to be more tolerant.

The lecture is concise and informative. Professor Jin used simple language to make a thorough summary on the essence of effective communication. His precious words earned bursts of applause and enabled the students to understand the theory and methodology of effective communication in a relaxed atmosphere.