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Social Security Management (Code 120404)


The Social Security Research Institute of the Institute of Public Administration, Renmin University of China has mobile stations of doctoral program, master degree program and postdoctor of social security professional direction, cultivates the professional doctoral candidate, master degree candidate and MPA Professional Master, provides government agencies, universities and research institutions with high-level professional talents in the field of the research, execution, scientific research and teaching of social security policy, and nurtures high-level talents in the field of social security (insurance) fund management and employee benefits management for all types of financial institutions and other large enterprises at the same time.

There are 7 formal engaged teachers, 2 off-campus part-time teachers, among whom 5 are professors, 6 are doctoral supervisors, 1 associate professor and 2 lecturers in the Social Security Research Institute, all of who have doctor's degrees. The cultivation direction of the doctoral candidate mainly includes the social security theory and policy, social security policy and management, social security and fund management, social security, income distribution, health care and health policy, the economics of social security, social security and finance, etc.

The teams of professors of the Social Security Research Institute pay attention to the specification and rigorousness of research methods, especially the use of modern economic theory and research methods, forming their own characteristics and expertise. The content of research includes the social security theory, policy and international comparison in various areas: the basic theory of social security (economics, political science, management, sociology, etc.), social security reform and policy in China, the international comparison of social security system, the operation and management of social security system, the operation of social security (insurance) fund management, endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, birth insurance, health care management, income distribution policy, etc. The professors of our institute have made many excellent achievements in the above field of research, exert large popularity and great influence on the social security theory and policy research community in the country, and have wide contact with international academia.

The overall requirements on PhD students of the Social Security Research Institute are to grasp and use normative research methods, closely track the international academic front-line, strive for high level research achievements of problems closely centered on China. The professional curriculum strive offered for doctoral candidates mainly includes "Advanced Social Security Theory", "the Studies on China's Social Security Policy", "Social security and finance", "Advanced Public Administration and Public Policy", "Advanced Economics", etc. The Social Security Research Institute also actively seeks cooperation with foreign schools and universities on joint supervision of doctoral candidates. In recent years, 2 or 3 students have been selected to study and visit abroad every year.

Doctoral Supervisors

Dong Keyong, Li Zhen, Yang Yiyong, Cheng Yonghong and Jin Weigang