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Urban Planning and Management (Code 1204J1)



Implementing the strategy of balancing urban and rural development and promoting new urbanization are important measures to solve all obvious social contradictions and problems in the innovation stage. Training composite urban and rural planner and manager having rich knowledge in Planning, Management, Society and Economics is the most urgent demand to construct harmonious society in new stage.

The Urban Development and Planning major is developed under the support of Public Administration, Society and History to drive the transition of Chinese urban planning from “focused planning compilation” to “focused management and implementation” and from “technical planning” to “ policy planning”. Renmin University of China established the City Planning and Management school and started to recruit undergraduates in December 2006, started to recruit the masters of City Planning and Management from 2008, formally established the “City Planning and Management” major in 2011, and started to recruit doctors from 2013. Up to now, a complete talent training system including undergraduates, masters, MPA (professional direction) and PhD student has been formed.

In just few years, this major gained rich achievements in teaching and scientific research and leaded domestic Urban planning and management research; published more than 30 academic works and more than 200 papers in academic magazine or academic meeting; submitted more than 50 investigation consultation reports for enterprises and governments; and obtained Provincial Award of Scientific Research Advancement or Award of Excellent Achievement. This major also undertook more than 20 National Natural Science Foundation of China, Projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, Social Science Projects of Education Ministry, and Provincial and above scientific research topics.

2. Main research directions

This major mainly has five research directions: New-style urbanization; Balance urban and rural development; Urban and rural planning management system; Ecologic city.

3. Research contents

New-style urbanization: focus on the research on China urbanization history, track, problem and new-style urbanization content and development way.

Balance urban and rural development: especially research the Chinese way and implementation of balancing urban and rural development, including the theoretical system, basic method and implementation way of balancing urban and rural development, the employment, migration, land system innovation, social security, urban and rural relation problems in the process of balancing urban and rural development, and form the specification mode of balancing urban and rural development on the basis of balance urban and rural development research, including the plan compilation requirement and implementation management.

Urban and rural planning management system: research the system innovation of urban and rural planning management from the angle of Public Administration, discuss the central-local relation of governmental planning function, and discuss the public policy and administrative system innovation to adapt the public policy making to urban development, rural development, and urban and rural balanced development, re-form the urban and rural relation, and promote sustainable development between urban and rural.

Ecologic city: under the background that the global warming is increasingly obvious and the ecologic risk is getting worse, research how to coordinate urbanization and ecologization, realize the coordination and cooperation between high-speed urbanization and ecologic city development objective, and seek the theoretical support for planning and constructing ecologic city, so as to effectively use the ecologic technical measure and culture mode to realize excellent operation between artificial-natural ecology, and sustainable and harmonious development between human and nature and between human and society in the premise of guaranteeing basic urban function and stable social and economic development.

4. Major goals

The training goal of this major is to obtain high-level and high-quality professional talents mastering the basic theory and professional knowledge of Marxism, loving our country, having excellent moral quality, strong entrepreneur spirit, innovative ability and donation spirit, and willing to serving socialist modernization; and to obtain urban and rural leader, manager and policy research professional talents mastering firm basic theory and systematic professional knowledge in this science, having the ability of engaging in the scientific research or independently undertaking the technical work, handling one foreign language, having the theoretical qualities in Public Administration,  Urban and Regional Planning, Sociology, History and Economics, mastering scientific analysis method and advanced technical measure, and having certain practice ability.

5. Teacher resources and PhD students in this major

This major currently has 2 full-time professors, 4 part-time professors, 7 associate professors, and 1 lecturer, wherein 6 of them are doctoral supervisors. All in-service teachers are doctors, more than 80teachers studied in foreign countries, and they form one of top academic teams in our school. Due to rich professional teacher resources, and reasonable academic echelon, our school is in leading position in China.

This PhD section formally started to recruit doctors from 2012, and there are 7 PhD students currently, one of whom come from America.

6. Academic exchanges with foreign countries

This major is focused on the academic exchanges with foreign countries and has cooperated with American Institute of Certified Planners, University of Pennsylvania, University of California at Irvine, University of Californiaat Berkeley, Environment Research Collage of University of Waterloo, Department of Lands in University of Cambridge, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Groening University, University of Melbourne, and National University of Singapore in terms of student training, teacher visit, and project cooperation, and has performed academic exchange and cooperation with a number of international academic institutes such as Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Institute of Developing Economies, and Yamaguchi University.

7. Main courses

Urban Planning and Public Policy, Transportation Planning in Modern Cities, Western Urban Planning Theory, Economic Analysis of Urban Development, Sociological Analysis of Urban Development, Political Analysis of Urban Development, Strategic Planning of Urban Development, Theory and Practice of Community Development, Management of Urban Land and Public Housing, Classic Foreign Works of Modern Urban Planning Management (bilingual), Advanced City Management, and Theory and Practice of Urban Planning Management.

8. Graduate placement

Planning and research organizations such as national and provincial governments, macro management departments, city management departments, land management departments, urban and rural planning and related sectors, planning institutes, and city planning compilation and research centers; real estate development and operation enterprises, and Real estate advisory bodies; and high schools, institutions for scientific research, and abroad famous schools and research institutes.

Doctoral supervisors:

Wang Kai, Shi Nan, Qiu Baoxing, Ye Yumin, Liu Yunhua, Li Dongquan, Qin Bo