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Public finance and public policy (Code 1204Z1)


Profile of Major

Public finance and public policy offers doctorate and master degree programs.

Public finance and public policy, from the perspective of public administration, does research on public policy and public finance. The discipline basis is political science, economics, and management. This major has a group of teachers and researchers who have profound academic background and rich research experiences in the field of public policy and public finance and take active in the first line of academia, aiming to study national administration, social development, system reform and other issues from state and local public policy making, operation and evaluation, fiscal taxation, public service supply, social security, cultivation of clean government, etc. Professional cultivation focuses on integrating theory with practice, methods support intellectual enquiries, combining philosophy with solid evidence, and attaching equal importance to value and tools. The training target is to cultivate high-level, high-quality, high-skill talented leaders, professional and technical personnel and finance and taxation of public and nonprofit sectors, who understand public policies, are economically minded, and have the ability of finance and taxation management.

Teachers' research contents of the major include: public policy system, decision-making process, implementation method, policy analysis and evaluation, macro economy, the theory, practice, reform, operation of the fiscal and taxation system as well as its function in public service and the national management. We have set two directions according to the faculty: public policy and public finance. Public policy pays attention to the study of policy system, and public policy lays emphasis on financial system research. The common elementary courses of the two directions are political science, economics, Public Administration, public policy, public finance and main documents of public policy research and methodology. Specialized courses encourage students to conduct cross learning, and become finance and taxation experts understanding policies as well as public policy experts knowing finance and taxation.

The choices of graduates mainly come from civil servants, enterprise and public institution, research institutions and institutions of higher education. The work they perform is government and the nonprofit organization management, policy research, finance and taxation work, economic analysis, financial business, teaching, scientific research, etc.

We actively implements international academic exchanges, and have extensive international academic engagement in this major. We have established good academic exchanges and cooperation with schools and universities, such as University of Michigan, Arizona State University, Rutgers University, Indiana University, the University of Kansas, Swiss Institute of Senior Public Administration, Meiji University, Meiji Gakuin University, University of Toyama, University of Saskatchewan, The University of Nottingham, The University of York, The University of Melbourne, etc.

There are seven professors, 6 associate professors, 2 lecturers of this program, all of whom have doctor's degree. Most teachers have the experience of studying abroad and lecturing.

Doctoral Supervisors:

Lan Zhiyong, Xu Guangjian, Gao Peiyong, Mao Shoulong, Sun Yudong, Xie Ming, Cui Jun, Niu Weilin and Yang Hongshan