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Since the School started its MPA program, only faculty who could be considered academically qualified under the NASPAA definitions are recruited for full-time teaching positions and promoted. To reach its mission and to practice its value, the School ensures high standard in faculty performance by recruiting nationally and internationally for the best qualified candidates who are capable of success at a comprehensive research university. Full-time faculty are expected to have a doctorate in the field specially related to the curriculum she/he teaches and must demonstrate expertise in his/her particular field by applied research, publications, conference presentation, and teaching experience to be promoted.

The School also hires well-qualified professionals as part-time professors to give lectures in the MPA program. The professionally qualified part-time faculty must have a terminal degree and considerable working experience in the area in which they give lectures. The School recruits part-time faculty when their outstanding professional experience provide unique foundational knowledge and practical skills to the student body. With the interaction with professionally-qualified faculty, students not only learn vital skills in their specific areas but also are aware of the on-going challenges facing current practitioners. The hiring of part-time faculty must be approved by National MPA Education Steering Committee and the contract is renewed biennially.

Currently, the program faculty include 71 members. Among them there are 25 nucleus faculties. All of them are reputable scholars in their study field and have great experiences in MPA program class teaching. To learn more about a nucleus faculty member, click on their name.

Nucleus Faculty Listing




ZHANG Chengfu

Public governance & leadership

MAO Shoulong

Public policy analysis

XU Guangjian

Public economics & fiscal policy

YE Yumin

Regional development &

urban development

LV Ping

Land using & urban-rural development


Public finance & taxation

WANG Hufeng

Healthcare policy & management

LI Zhen

Social security

LIU Ying

Public organization &

human resource management

WANG Conghu

Administrative law


Public policy


KANG Xiaoguang

Non-profit organization management


Public administration

YANG Hongshan

Public management & urban management


Public policy

Research methodology

FANG Zhenbang

Human resource management

SUN Baiying

Public governance & leadership

MA Liang

Public governance & leadership

ZHANG Nandiyang

Public governance & leadership

LIU Peng

Public governance & leadership

WANG Hongwei

Public Safety & Emergency Management

HE Yanling

Public governance & leadership

ZHANG Zhanlu

Land using & urban-rural development

HU Hongwei

Social security

LI Qing

Public finance & taxation