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Thank you for your interest in the School of Public Administration and Policy. We look forward to working with you throughout the admission process. Please contact the school at (86-10) 62513870 if you should have questions or need assistance.

MPA – Public Administration

· Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)

· Two-year working experience

· Letters of recommendation (Two Letters Required)

· Resume

· Test Scores of National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate

· Interview


Our objective is to select a diverse group of students who have good prospects for success and who are devoted to careers in service to others. MPA candidates seeking regular admission must reach certain diploma level and the minimum length of working. They also must take the preliminary test and reexamination.

The main form of preliminary test is the written examination whose main contents include comprehensive abilities of Joint College Entrance Exam of management class and English. The former mainly examines the candidates’ knowledge level and their comprehensive quality (e.g. their reading ability, analytical ability, logical ability, written communication ability), while the latter mainly inspects the candidates’ basic abilities in English reading, understanding and writing. Reexamination can be divided into two categories: written examination and interview. The contents of written examination contain ideological and political theory. Moreover, the written examination of comprehensive course of specialty, and examination of foreign languages and its main purpose is to verify the candidates’ results in the link of preliminary test and inspect their values, job motivation as well as professional competence.

The interview consists of two parts: comprehensive quality and the listening speaking of a foreign language. The former part is mainly applied in a face-to-face way to investigate candidates’ specialized courses and reaction capability when attending an examination, logical thinking ability, and ability in oral expression, while the latter mainly inspects candidates’ levels of English listening and oral proficiency. The interview group is composed by senior professors from multidisciplinary background, and meanwhile, government officials will interview candidates in accordance with the strict procedure and contents, and offer them final results of interview.

What is worth mentioning is that our program encourages excellent candidates with higher conditions to register for “reexamination in advance” and attend it. In other words, before the normal preliminary examination, the program selects some outstanding candidates with good comprehensive quality and great development potential as key candidates in the student recruitment. First of all, the program asks the material assessment experts committee consisting of both senior professors and directors of government departments to select candidates with perfect mastery of comprehensive quality, explicit motivation for study and public service, and stronger leadership through grading candidates’ education background, working background, work and study situations, award or honor-winning situations, etc. according to the information in their application materials and their relevant certificates. After that, these candidates will be allowed to attend the reexamination prior to the formal preliminary examination. The contents of reexamination mainly include two parts like foreign languages and comprehensive quality. Meanwhile, when the reexamination is held, the program inspects the candidates’ register qualifications, and requires candidates who attend the reexamination to present two recommendation letters by the relevant leaders of their work units, the related materials of their education background (including copies of diploma and degree certificates, undergraduate or postgraduate transcripts or copies of them) and other essential materials (e.g. working age demonstration, copies of certificates of awards).