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Major of Public Policy


Public Policy is first-level discipline of Public Administration and is a master’s degree program.

Public Policy is a key research field of modern public administration. Since 1950s, in order to meet the scientific, professional and democratic development of government decision-making, Public Policy develops rapidly. At present, the world renowned universities generally establish the School of Public Policy or major of Public Policy to cultivate the doctoral students and postgraduates of public policy. Now Public Policy has become a “prominent subject” of social science.

Public Policy makes use of inter-disciplinary approach to research the real social problems and figure out the solutions and integrates the knowledge of such disciplines as Politics, Administration, Economics, Law, Management, Sociology, Psychology and Ethics to the greatest extent, so that it has a broad research space and far-reaching social impact.

Institute of Public Policy and Public Security of SPAP of Renmin University of China has a very good academic foundation and human resources reserves and supports the teaching and scientific research of Public Policy. The Institute is committed to the research of basic theory and analysis method of public policies and initiates the research of China’s public policy analysis and evaluation of large projects by reliance on 211 projects and key disciplines in Beijing, establishes the public policy case library and lays a sound foundation for cultivation of public policy professionals. Different departments and institutes of SPAP form the research groups of specific public policy field and all these advantages will help Renmin University of China to establish featured and high-quality public policy professionals training base. The major has four professors, 3 associate professors and 3 lecturers. About 80% of the teachers have the experience of study abroad for a long period, so that a strong domestic public policy research and teaching team is established.

Research direction of Public Policy includes: basic theory of public policy, analysis of public policy, comparative research of public policies of different countries, research of policy process, preparation of public policy, implementation of public policy, policy evaluation method, public safety management and crisis decision-making. The public policy professionals are mainly working for central and local governmental authorities, public institutions, non-profit organizations and large-sized enterprises after graduation. Public policy professionals are qualified for the positions in following departments: governmental decision-making department, policy research department, functional management department and auxiliary decision-making department. Public policy professionals are competent for following working activities: engage in the national or regional macro problem analysis and policy investigation; put forward strategic policy planning and relevant analysis report; evaluate the policy implementation result; analyze the specific policy problems in public administration field; propose countermeasure suggestions to the unit leaders and department heads.