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Major of Urban Planning and Management


The major is a master’s degree program.

1 Profile of the major

Urbanization is a major strategic choice for China to achieve modernization in 21st century. In next 20 years, China’s urbanization level will increase from 45% to 60% and about 200 million people will enter the city. In the rapid urbanization development period of China, cultivation of inter-disciplinary planners and planning and management talents having the knowledge of Planning, Management and Economy becomes the most urgent need for establishment of a harmonious society in the new era.

Renmin University of China is a research-oriented key university with the main program being Humanistic and Social Science and has outstanding advantages in the fields such as Economics, Sociology, Law and Management. SPAP of Renmin University of China has lots of influential disciplines that are closely related to the urban planning such as Public Administration, Land Management, Regional Economy and Urban Economy, Public Policy and Public Safety, Social Security, Organization and Human Resources, Public Finance and Non-profit Organization. Relying on these preponderant disciplines, the major of Urban Planning is developed, which can promote the transformation of urban planning in China from “focus on planning preparation” to “focus on planning management and implementation” and from “technical planning” to “policy-based planning”.

In this context, Renmin University of China established Department of Urban Planning and Management in December 2006. The master’s degree program for Urban Planning and Management started enrollment in 2008 and enrolled 9, 10 and 12 postgraduates in 2008, 2009 and 2010 respectively.

2 Main research direction

The main research direction of the major includes planning research and urban research. Focuses of planning research include: research of scientific urban planning mechanism and research of efficient urban planning and management system; focuses of urban research include: research of urban spatial structure, research of urban industrial development, research of urban development strategy, research of urban social and community problems, research of urbanization and population migration and research of overall urban and rural development.

3 Educational objective

Cultivate the urban planning professionals who can grasp the basic theory and professional knowledge of urban planning and professions and who have good moral character, strong sense of professionalism, innovation ability, devotion spirit and high academic ability.

4 Faculty

Department of Urban Planning and Management has two professors, three associate professors and 5 lecturers. Qiu Baoxing, Vice Minister of Ministry of Construction, Shi Nan, Secretary General of Urban Planning Society of China and Zhao Yanjing, Director of Xiamen Planning Bureau are recruited as the adjunct professors of the major.

5 Foreign academic exchange

Department of Urban Planning and Management has achieved the intention of cooperation with American Planning Association, School of Environmental Studies of University of Waterloo, Land Department of University of Cambridge and University of Melbourne in fields such as students cultivation, teacher visiting and project cooperation; and keeps the academic exchanges and cooperation with several international academic institutions such as Territory Institute of Korea, Asia Institute of Japan and Yamaguchi University.

6 Main professional curriculums

Research Method of Management Science, Public Administration, Measurement Method of Modern Urban Planning and Management, Industrial Economics, Research of Public Policy, Public Finance, Economic Analysis of Urban Development, Frontiers of Modern Urban Management, Urban Development Strategic Planning, Digital Urban Management, Urban Community Development Planning and Management, Urban Planning and Public Policy, Urban Land and Public Housing Management, Urban and Rural Planning and Management Case Study, Selected Readings of Classic Foreign Literatures for Modern Urban Planning and Management, etc.

7 Placement of graduates

Be civil servants in Urban Planning Department and other relevant departments; work for Planning Institute, Urban Planning Preparation and Research Center, Consulting Company and large-sized state-owned enterprises.