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Major of Public Finance Management


The major of Public Finance Management is a doctoral and master degree program.

Public Finance Management is an applied science which aims to research how can the government reasonably collects funds and effectively allocate and use funds for the purpose of providing public service and meeting public demand. The research scope includes theory and policy of public finance management, influence and effect of public finance management on government governance and relationship between public finance management and other disciplines related to public administration. Main research direction includes macroeconomic operation and public finance policy, public finance management, etc.

Professional curriculums of public finance management mainly include: Research and Study of Main Literatures of Public Finance Management, Theory Management Frontiers of Public Finance and Social Security, Research of Cutting-edge Problems of Public Policy, Analysis of Time Series, Analysis of Econometrics, Theoretical Research of Social Security, Taxation Management, International Taxation and Monetary Finance.

The major of Public Finance Management mainly aims to cultivate the high-level and high-quality public finance management research and practical talents for public organizations. The cultivation objects are the personnel who have strong interest in the theoretical research or practical operation of public finance management of public organizations and who have high potential for further study. After systematic professional cultivation, the students are able to grasp the basic theory and research method of public finance management, understand the domestic and foreign public finance management practice, improve their basic abilities and quality, thus laying a solid theoretical and technological foundation for their engagement in teaching, research and management in the finance and taxation management departments and relevant public management departments after graduation.

The graduates majoring in public finance management should have solid theoretical foundation of public administration and economics, grasp the knowledge of public finance management and be able to independently engage in the actual work of public finance management, theory and policy research and scientific research projects. At present, most of the graduates in this major are engaging in finance management, financial business, teaching and scientific research in governmental departments at different levels, enterprises and public institutions, teaching and scientific research institutions.

In recent years, Department of Public Finance Management actively carries out international academic exchanges and establishes good academic exchange and academic cooperation relationship with universities such as University of Michigan, University of Kansas, Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, Meiji University, Toyama University and University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

The program now has four professors, two associate professors and one lecturer and all of them hold the doctoral degree and most of them have the experience of studying and teaching abroad. At present, the doctoral supervisors are Professor Xu Guangjian, Professor Gao Peiyong, Professor Huang Yanfen and Professor Sun Yudong.