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Major of Public Organization and Human Resources


Profile of the major

1. Profile: SPAP of Renmin University of China is the first unit obtaining the right to confer doctoral degree of first-level discipline of public administration in China. Institute of Organization and Human Resources of SPAP first enrolls the doctors, postgraduates and postgraduates with MPA professional degree majoring in public organization and human resources in China, establishes wide academic relationship with domestic and foreign teaching and scientific research institutions and actual departments and has rich experience in postgraduate cultivation and high social reputation.  

2. Main research directions: organization theory and organization management; HR management of public departments; civil servant system and civil servant ability construction; performance management of public department, etc.

3. Research contents: development of organization theory, organization and public organization, structure of public organization, design and management, organization and public organization construction; theory and method of human resources management, process and contents of HR management of public department, HR development; reform and development of civil servant system, contents and construction of China’s civil servant system, leadership science and leadership art; theory and method of performance management, performance management of China’s public departments, performance management tool and application.

4. Educational objective: cultivate the high-level professionals who can systematically master the Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and important thought of “Three Represents”; implement the Scientific Outlook on Development and achieve all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique and art; have a public spirit of serving the people, master solid theoretical foundation of public administration and grasp the knowledge, method and technology of public organization and modern HR management; have the independent ability to engage in the academic research of public organization and HR management, policy scheme design, teaching and actual work.

5. Faculties of the major: the Institute has an excellent teaching team that is established after long-term development and has wide influence in the national public organization and HR field. Now the Institute has seven full-time teachers, including four professors and doctoral supervisors, one associate professor and two lecturers and all of them are the master supervisors. The teaching team consists of teachers with reasonable age, major and research direction and structure and all teachers have the part-time and consultation working experience in the government and various public organizations and have established close working relationship with the pubic organization and HR management departments.

The Institute has a part-time teaching team which consists of five people, including 1 adjunct professor in SPAP, 3 adjunct professors recruited by organization and HR department and research institution and 1 part-time researcher and all of them are the department heads, experts and new scientific researchers having actual working experience and remarkable research achievements.

6. Foreign academic exchange: the Institute has actively participated in the foreign exchanges and has established formal relationship with the universities, scientific research institutions and HR professional institutions in countries and regions such as USA, UK, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. The Institute will hold several academic exchange activities in each semester and the institutionalized activities include “Chinese Celebrity Forum of Organizational Behavior and HR Management”, “Forum of HR Talents and Experts” and “Series of Forums Lectured by Minister of Organization”. The students have full opportunities to carry out exchange activities with domestic and foreign experts, scholars and students in this field; doctoral and postgraduate students can apply for overseas study as an exchange students; postgraduate students have the chance to go abroad to study for a doctoral degree after graduation.

7. Main professional curriculums: Public Administration, Organizational Behavior, reading class of public organization and HR related literatures, Research of Frontline Problems of Public Organization and Human Resources Management, Research of Frontline Problems of Public Policy, Research of Management Idea, Organization Theory and Organization Design, Economic Model, Scientific and Logical Methods and Research Method of Public Administration.

8. Placement of graduates: PhD graduates in this major are competent for following jobs: 1. Teaching and scientific research work in universities, colleges or research institutions; 2. Organization and HR management work in governmental institutions or public institutions; 3. Organization and HR management work in state-owned large- and medium-sized enterprises, foreign-funded enterprise and other organizations; 4. Professional HR management consultation work in international and domestic consulting companies.