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Major of Social Security


Institute of Social Security of SPAP of Renmin University of China has doctoral, master’s degree and post-doctoral research stations for Social Security, cultivates the doctoral candidates, master degree candidates and masters in MPA and provides high-level professional talents in the fields of social security policy research, implementation, scientific research and teaching for the governmental authorities, institutions of higher education and research institutions and also cultivates high-level professionals in the fields of social security (insurance) fund management and employee welfare management for financial institutions and other large-sized enterprises.

 Institute of Social Security now has 7 formal teachers and 2 part-time teachers, including five professors, 6 doctoral supervisors, 1 associate professor and 2 lecturers. All teachers have the doctoral degree. The training orientation of doctoral candidates mainly includes Theory and Policy of Social Security, Policy and Management of Social Security, Social Security and Foundation Management, Social Security and Income Distribution, Medical Security and Health Policy, Endowment Insurance, Social Security Economics, Social Security and Finance.

   The teaching team of Institute of Social Security lays emphasis on the standard and rigorous research methods, especially for the application of theory and research method of modern economics, and forms unique characteristics and specialties. The research contents include the theories, policies and international comparison in different fields of social security: basic theory of social security (Economics, Politics, Management and Sociology), China’s social security reform and policy and international comparison of social security system; operation and management of social security system, social security (insurance) foundation management and operation; endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, health and medical management and income distribution policy. The professors of the Institute make lots of remarkable achievements in the research of above fields, gain high reputation and influence in domestic research circle of social security theory and policy and keep widespread contact with the international academic circle.

   Overall requirements of the Institute of Social Security on cultivation of doctoral candidates: grasp and apply the standard research methods, closely follow up the leading international academic information, pay close attention to the realistic problems in China and try to make high-level researches. The professional curriculums established for doctoral candidates mainly include Frontiers of Social Security Theory, Research of China’s Social Security Policy, Social Security and Finance, Frontier of Public Administration and Public Policy and Frontiers of Economics. Moreover, the Institute of Social Security actively seeks cooperation with foreign universities and colleges to cultivate doctoral candidates and assigns doctoral candidates to study abroad.