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International Master of Public Administration and Policy (IMPA)

<Program description>

The School of Public Administration and Policy at Renmin University of China (SPAP -RUC)is one of China’s leading institutions of public administration and policy education. The MPA (Master of Public Administration) program was successfully certified by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) in July 2017. In July 2018, it was awarded with A+ in the Professional Degree Level assessment conducted by the Degree Center of the Ministry of Education of China. The IMPA program was started in 2010 and now has 10 years of training experience. The program is adhering to the principles of “vision, truth-seeking, innovation, and dedication leaders” designed. The program suitable for foreign applicants who work related to China, especially related to Chinese public sectors. The faculty consist of the most experienced professors with both Chinese and Western cultural backgrounds from Renmin University of China and other top universities.

Do you want to better understand China’s rapid development? Do you want to get a solid understanding of this new economic giant? Welcome to SPAP-RUC!



Foreign nationals, Bachelor degree or above, with recommendations of two associate professors or higher, providing a certificate of competence in English.

Non-English native speakers must submit one of the following

1) Certificate of bachelor’s degree taught in English

2) IELTS score above 6.0

3) TOEFL score above 90


November 15, 2020-March 31, 2021

<Admission Procedure>

1.    Online Application (click: )

2.    Send in Application Materials

3.    Material Assessment

4.    On-line or in-person interview.

5.    Official Admittance Letter sent to applicant

<Application Materials>

1. Application Form (hand-signed)

2. A copy of Diploma(s) or Certificate(s) (originals need to be provided for validation)

3. Original Academic Transcript (stamped by the university)

4. A copy of Passport (the passport must be valid later than March 31,2022)

5. Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by associate professors or professors (attached to the e-mail address)

6. A Personal Statement (personal study and work experienceacademic research resultstudy plan and the plan after graduation should be discussed)

7. Foreigner physical examination form

8. Proof for English Proficiency:

Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to provide English test certificates such as TOEFL 90 or IELTS 6.0 or other proofs acknowledged by the Academic Qualification Committee at RUC.

9. Guarantor’s economic ability certification(on the job income certification, bank certification of deposit or other economic ability certification)

10. Letter of guarantee.

11. Certificate of no criminal record (original or notarized copy).

12. Sample copies of published articles, awards, or other research outputs (if applicable).

Please send all the required materials (e-copies) to Besides, paper materials (hardcopy) to the MPA Education Center by EMS, DHL or SF express for qualification examination.



The tuition for the International Master of Public Administration and Policy Program is RMB 60,000 per academic year for the regular study period of two years.


<Core Courses with Credits>

All students are required to complete a minimum 33 credit hours of course work and a thesis to obtain the degree in about two years’ time.

Courses and Degree requirements

The courses consist of prerequisites, required cores and free electives. Students need to complete all the prerequisites, cores and selected electives. Each course counts 2 credit hours except Academic Standards and Thesis Writing with 1 credit hour, and Chinese Language with 4 credit hours.

Prerequisite Courses

Contemporary China’s Politics  

Chinese Language (4 credit hours)

Compulsory Course

Academic Standards and Thesis Writing (1 credit hour)

Core Courses

The Making of Modern China: Historical and Social Perspectives

Institutions and Public Administration

Research Methods in Public Administration

Public Management: Theory and Practice

Economic Analysis for Public Policy

The Chinese Economy

Chinese Culture and Chinese Philosophy

Chinese Political System and Government Management


Public Policy

Land System and Housing Policy in China

China’s Healthcare System

Educational Policy and Development in China

Public Finance in China’s Central and Local Governments

Social Security Policy in China and the Market Opportunity

Social Security Policy in China

Media Policy in China

Non-Profit Organizations in China

China’s Policy for International Relations

China’s Public Security Environment and Policy

Studies on Xi Jinping’s Education Thoughts

Labor Markets and Labor Policy in China

Financial Markets of China


Scholarships or tuition waive are available for full time students on Beijing campus.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship
There are scholarship programs provided by the Ministry of Education, PRC. Please visit the website of China Scholarship Council for more detail: To apply for this scholarship, please follow the instructions on the China Scholarship Council’s website.

2. University Scholarship
The University provides scholarships at three different levels:
I. full tuition scholarship

II. 50% tuition scholarship

III. 20% tuition scholarship

<Voices of Students>


Yuki (Japan) IMPA 2014: 

The IMPA, this program is a gate of understanding China, and falling in love with China! The courses are really fruitful, including a lot of activities with the locals and cultures. Professors are always close to support us. My life in China will never be the same if I wasn't a part of this program.


Stefan (Austria) IMPA 2018: 

The IMPA program at RUC is right for those who want to better understand China from the core. The faculty here are leading in their areas of expertise, and many of them contribute to the important research and advisory work that shape the future of China's public policy and administration development.


Lois (Ghana) IMPA 2018: 

Your scope of horizon on the program such as analysis of policies, Chinese and world politics is well broadened, very flexible to have a social life on Renmin campus!


Steven (USA) IMPA 2019: 

This university has given me many unique opportunities. I've had the chance to be taught by well renowned experts in my field of study. The professors working in the public administration department are constantly producing new work that is impactful on a national level.


Adviser: Ms Yixin Chen


Contact Number:(+86)1062513886

<Website> :


MPA Education Center
Room 116, Qiushi Building
School of Public Administration & Policy, Renmin University of China
No. 59 Zhongguancun Avenue
Haidian District
Beijing, China, 100872