Bachelor Degree
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Method Course:

Social Investigation Methods, Principle of Statistics, Research Design for Social Science, Data analysis and Paper Writing Norm, Geographic Information System Application,

Foundation Course:

Guide to Public Administration, Fundamentals of Management, Essentials of Economics (Macro-Economics & Micro-Economics), Principles of Political Science, Principles of Sociology, Science of Public Management, Public Policy.

Public Administration

Core Curriculum:

Political Science, Public Administration, Chinese Government and Politics, Administrative Law,Public Finance,Public Policy Principles and Analysis, Comparative Government and Politics, Document Writing and Processing, Human Resource Management in Public Departments, Nonprofit Organizations, Leadership, Local Government Management, Administrative Supervision, Government Public Relations and Crisis Management, Public Organization and Management, Administrative Ethics, Introduction to Sociology, etc.

Land Resource Management

Core Curriculum:

Science of Public Management, Civil Law, Money and Banking, Cadastral Surveying, Introduction to Land science, Land Resource Science, Landing Economics, Land Law, Land-Use Planning, Cadastral Survey Manual, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Development and Management, Real Estate Market Analysis, Urban Planning, Remote Sensing and GIS, etc.

Urban Management

Core Curriculum:

Essential Geography,Public Policy Principles,  Document Writing and Processing,Constitution and Administrative Law, Industrial Economics, History of Chinese and Foreign cities, Municipal Management, Urban Sociology, Regional Economics, Urban Economics, Urban Planning Administration, Urban Comprehensive Planning, Urban Land and Real Estate Management, Urban Design and Planning, Urban Transportation Planning and Management,  Urban Community Governance, Urban Studies, etc.