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According to the characteristics of the postgraduate system, SPAP has made innovations on the master's international exchange mode, developing 1+1+1 model of the double master's degree program. Students study at Renmin University of China in their first year, and go to a foreign university to study in the second year. In the third year, they go back to China to complete their studies and obtain two degrees in three years. Through the 1+1+1 program, students can learn about foreign social culture more deeply, participate in foreign university graduate courses, cultivate better cross-cultural communication skills, and ultimately get two degrees. In this way, the employment competitiveness of students has been greatly improved.

Our 1 + 1 + 1 double master degree program has been implemented since 2010 and has signed agreements regarding student exchange and cooperation with more than 10 universities and agreement institutions from the United States, Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. We have created a number of double degree projects for our graduate students. Since 2010, over 112 master students of our school have participated in the double master's degree program, of which 108 students have successfully obtained two master degrees.

Rutgers UniversityWashington University
in St. Louis
Northern Illinois UniversityUniversity of Illinois
at Chicago
University of YorkCardiff UniversityUniversity of GroningenErasmus University Rotterdam
The University of MelbourneUniversity of CanberraThe University of AucklandKanazawa University