IMPA Degree

International Master of Public Administration and Policy (IMPA) 



<Program description>

The School of Public Administration and Policy (SPAP) at Renmin University of China (RUC) is a leading institution of public administration and policy education in the People’s Republic of China. It consists of 3 academic departments (public administration, urban planning and management, and land and real estate management) offering Bachelor degrees,and 6 institutes (Institute of Public Finance and Public Policy, Social Security, Public Organization and Human Resources, Quantitative Analysis in Public Administration, and Non-Profit Organization) offering Master and Ph.D degrees. The areas of concentration include but are not limited to: public administration, land andreal estate management, urban planning and management, public finance and public policy, social security, social medicine and health management, public organization and human resources, economics of real estate and labor economics. The School is host of a national-level postdoctoral research station, and the Secretariat of National MPA Education Steering Committee. 


Need to learn of the rapid development of China? Want to get a timing understanding of the new economic giant? IMPA programme is offered by the top school in public administration in China at Renmin University of China in Beijing.

The programme is designed specially for foreign applicants who need to or expect to work on jobs related to China issues. The teaching faculty consists of most experienced professors with both China and Western education backgrounds from Renmin University, other top universities in China and other countries. Scholarships are available and tuition is affordable.



Foreign nationals, Bachelor degree or above, with recommendations of two associate professors or higher, providing a certificate of competence in English, under 40 years old. This policy differs by the applicants.

Proof for English Proficiency

For English native speakers: no proof for English proficiency is required

For non English native speakers: proof for English proficiency (such as TOEFL or IELTS) is preferable.


October 10,2017-March 31,2018

<Admission Procedure>

Online Application

Complete Online Application on the website of the international student office, RUC (click “Online Application for Master’s Programs in English” on then print out the completed application form.

②Digital Version Application Form Submission

It is recommended that the applicants submit a completed application form via email to

Application Submission & Application fee Submission

When all the application materials are ready, please submit them to the IMPA OFFICE in person or by postal mail.

Please read the overall English Programs’ information on the University Website ( to find out how to pay the application fee. DO NOT send cash or check inside your application materials.

④Preliminary review

All applications are first assessed by the admission committee in the school. The applicants selected for further interview will be notified.


Applicants notified for the interview should attend the interview at the right time and place.


The University will release the list of acceptance. You may contact IMPA office for the admission result.

⑦Admission Notice

The International Students Office will send the Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202) and other related admission documents to you upon acceptance.

Please note that we will send the above documents to the postal address indicated in the application form by postal mail. You may also come to pick up them at the International Students Office in person.


International students accepted must formally register at the time specified in the Admission Notice. 


<Application Materials>

Application Form. Complete Online Application on the website of the international student office, RUC (click “Online Application for Master’s Programs in English” on print out the completed application form and sign it, only the signature needs to be handwritten.

②A Personal Statement (study plan should be discussed)

③Copies of Passport, Academic Transcripts, Diplomas and Certificates (originals need to be provided for validation)

Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by associate professors or professors (attached to the e-mail address)

⑤Four recent 2-inch photos

⑥Sample copies of published articles, awards, or other research outputs (if applicable).

Non-refundable application fee of 600 CNY

⑧Other relevant materials

Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to provide English test certificates such as TOEFL or IELTS or other proofs acknowledged by the Academic Qualification Committee at RUC. 


The tuition fee is RMB60,000 (about US$10,000) for all students for the whole study period.

<Core Courses with Credits>

All students are required to complete minimum 33 credit hours in course work and a thesis to obtain the degree in about two years. The maximum time for the degree program should not exceed four years.



Courses and Degree requirements

The courses consist of prerequisites, required cores and free electives. Students need to complete all the prerequisites, cores and selected electives from two clusters of courses, Public Policy and Economy and Business. Each course counts 2 credit hours except Chinese Language with 4 credit hours.

The minimum time period to complete the degree is two years which is required by the Ministry of Education of China. However, the course study on campus could be finished within one year and the second year is for thesis writing during which only partial campus attendance is required for thesis supervision.      


Prerequisite Courses

UC5901 Contemporary China’s Politics   

UC5902 Chinese Language (4 credit hours)


Core Courses

AC6001 Public Management: Theory and Practice

AC6002 Economic Analysis for Public Policy

AC5003 Institutions and Public Administration

AC6004 The Making of Modern China: Historical and Social Perspectives  

AC6005 Chinese Political System and Government Management
AC6006 The Chinese Economy



Public Policy

AC6101 Land System and Housing Policy in China

AC6102 China’s Healthcare System 

AC6103 Educational Policy and Development in China

AC6104 Public Finance in China’s Central and Local Governments 

AC6105 Social Security Policy in China

AC6106 Media Policy in China

AC6107 Non-Profit Organizations in China

AC6108 China’s Policy for International Relations

AC6109 The Legal System and Legal Environment of China

AC6110 China’s Public Security Environment and Policy

Economy and Business

AC6201 Investment Environment and Policy in China

AC6202 Industrial Policy and Industrial Organization in China

AC6203 Labor Markets and Labor Policy in China

AC6204 Trade Policy of China

AC6205 Financial Markets of China

AC6206 Operations of FDI Enterprises in China

AC6207 The Tax System and Company Law of China

AC6208 Logistics Policy and Management in China



Scholarships or tuition waive are available for full time students and some part time students on Beijing campus.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

There are scholarship programs provided by the Ministry of Education, PRC. Please visit the website of China Scholarship Council for more detail: Please follow the instruction of China Scholarship Council website for the application of Chinese Government Scholarship.

2. University Scholarship

Scholarships are provided by university at different levels.

I. full tuition scholarship

II. 50% of tuition scholarship

III. 20% of tuition scholarship 



Adviser: Yixin Chen(Ms)


Contact Number:(+86)1062513886


MPA Education Center

Room 116, Qiushi Building

School of Public Administration & Policy, Renmin University of China

No. 59 Zhongguancun Avenue

Haidian District

Beijing, China, 100872