Research 中国人民大学公共管理学院 

All previous sessions of school leaders paid high attention to the research work of the school, great development and substantial achievements in research have been achieved since the school was built 15 years ago: the research funds of the school has been ranked top in the university for many years; thousands of national-level and provincial-level vertical and horizontal projects have been taken charge of by teachers of the school; innumerable academic papers, academic works, teaching materials, translation works and research reports have been published by the faculty and students, and considerable progress has been made in publishing internationally; a large number of academic research results have received various kinds of rewards. A high academic reputation has been won in the field of public administration field by the school.    

In the international and domestic academic exchange field, the school started and held regularly Sino-US international public administration academic exchange conferences and “two shores, four regions” public administration academic exchange conferences; a large number of international and domestic academic exchange activities have also been carried out in each disciplne field by the departments and institutes subordinated to the school. Teachers are selected and sent to European and American top universities for long-term visiting and cooperative studies by the school each year, and over 34% teachers possess overseas educational background and long-term visiting experience.

Many funding and awarding policies have been formulated by the school, encouraging the teachers, especially young teachers, to take an active part in the academic exchange and research work and to promote the publication of academic achievements. Meanwhile, large amount of research reports were written by the faculty and students of the school through social investigation and research, part of which received comments of national leaders, and more were adopted by government departments at all levels, making important contributions to the national economic and social development and the nation’s reform in the field of public management.


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