Department and Centers

Department of Public Administration

Over the past quarter-century, Department of Public Administration of Renmin University of China, as an organization for cultivation of management personnel, academic research and policy consulting service under the background of China’s reform and opening-up and continual reform of government, always adheres to the mission of “following up the development of public administration theory, consolidating the foundation of discipline theory; paying attention to the practice of public administration in China and holding the pulse of the development of times for Chinese government; giving response to the practical problems of public management and expanding the new fields in public administration research; improving the overall ability of human resources department and enhancing the influence of the discipline”; all fellows of the Department are devoted to the construction of public administration discourse system having the native importance according to the reform demands of Chinese government and based on the systematic understanding of universal knowledge about public administration. In 2002, Public Administration became a key discipline in Beijing; while in 2007, it became a national key discipline and one of the national key disciplines for two domestic public administration majors.

Over 30 years of development, the Department of Public Administration has experienced rapid development in fields such as teacher resource development, talent cultivation, academic research, consulting service and international exchange. The 17 full-time faculties own the doctoral degree of domestic and foreign well-known universities, one professor wins the title of “Cheung Kong Scholar”, two professors win the title of “Excellent Talents in New Century” and the title of “Innovative Undergraduate Team” awarded by Ministry of Education. The discipline unit establishes a complete cultivation system for the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral candidates and has cultivated more than 1500 graduates who are now working for the Party and government organizations, enterprises and public institutions and foreign research institutions and whose working ability and performance are widely praised by the employers. According to the requirements of academic development and government management practice, the discipline unit has made in-depth research in the fields such as basic theory of public administration, administrative reform, local government and grassroots governance, non-profit organization management, crisis management, government regulation, government performance and leaders; and has achieved influential academic and countermeasure research achievements. The unit keeps academic exchange with lots of prestigious universities in USA, UK, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Department of Land & Real Estate Management

The Program of Land Administration in Renmin University of China started in 1985 as the first program of such kind in the country. In 1988, the Department of Land & Real Estate Management was established. After more than 30 years of development, the Department has formed multi-level and complete intermediate inter-disciplinary talent cultivation system integrating the undergraduate (land resource management), postgraduate (land resource management and real estate economy and management), MPA (professional emphasis) and doctoral candidate (land resource management and real estate economy and management) education.

Currently, the Department of Land & Real Estate Management has 7 professors, 5 associate professors and 2 lecturers. All faculty members are doctoral degree holders and 50% of them have the experience of overseas study. The principals of the discipline are Lin Zengjie, Ye Jianping, Xie Jingrong and Yu Mingxuan. The current department head is Professor Lv Ping.

Department of Land & Real Estate Management has establishes two teaching and research offices. The current director of the teaching and research office for land resource management is Professor Zhang Zhengfeng and the current director of teaching and research office for real estate economy and management is Associate Professor Zhang Yuesong.

Two textbooks of Department of Land & Real Estate Management are published by China Renmin University Press, namely land resource management series textbooks for 21st century and real estate series textbooks for 21st century and several textbooks are selected as the national “11th Five-year Plan” textbooks and excellent textbooks of Beijing higher education and become the important reference books for students majoring in land resource management and real estate.

The Department of Land & Real Estate Management keeps close relationship with several international research institutions and academic societies and carries out different forms of cooperative researches and exchange activities together with lots of universities and colleges in Europe, America, Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan and all these international exchange and cooperation platform provides the faculties with multi-level and different degrees of academic exchange opportunities. The postgraduate programs in two directions had passed the certification of well-known Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors again in 2008 and such certification can not only allow the postgraduates to apply for a student member in the Institution who is entitled to enjoy the global information service, but also lay a sound foundation for the future employment and practice.

The main selections for the graduate students in Department of Land & Real Estate Management include entering a higher school and taking up an occupation. The students selecting study abroad mainly try to study master’s degree and doctoral degree in the world’s first-class universities, including Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Columbia University, University of Michigan, University of Washington and University of Hong Kong. Taking up an occupation in governmental departments is also an important selection for students and the real estate enterprises, financial institutions and public institutions are the main employment channels for students.


Department of Urban Planning and Management

Established in December 2006, Department of Urban Planning and Management of Renmin University of China is the first planned discipline unit under the perspective of Public Administration in China and has jointly established the second-class discipline Urban and Rural Development and Planning together with the Department of Sociology. The Department focuses on the academic frontier of research on the transformation from Chinese urban and rural planning to the public policy, actively explores the inherent law of urban and rural development and urban and rural development mechanism and expands a new space for the discipline of Public Administration to better serve the urbanization development in China. The Department has formed a young and energetic academic team having great innovation ability and a teaching system and research framework that combine the international frontier theory with China’s urban development planning. The Department aims to cultivate the multi-level and high-quality urban and rural development and planning talents who have the knowledge of planning, management and economics and who can meet China’s transformation development demand.

The Department has 3 full-time professors, 1 foreign chair professor, 7 adjunct professors and guest professors, 6 associate professors and 1 lecturer. Its director is Professor Ye Yumin. At present, the Department has established programs such as undergraduate program of Urban Management, master’s degree program and doctoral degree program of Urban and Rural Development and Planning and MPA for Regional and Urban Management.

Supported by School of Public Administration and Policy, our Department keeps wide academic exchange with the world’s well-known universities, colleges and research institutions such as Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) and Department of Lands in University of Cambridge, so that our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students have several choices for study abroad. Based on the frontier practice, the Department has established the practice base for teaching and scientific research with Beijing Municipal Administration Committee, Urban and Rural Planning Bureau of Anqing, Yangzhou Urban Administration Bureau, Planning Bureau of High-tech Zone in Changzhou and Wenjiang District, Chengdu and provided vivid cases for faculties and students to participate in practice.

Our vision: become a distinctive and respectable urban planning and management department


Department of Health Policy and Management Department

under construction…


Institute of Public Finance and Public Policy

Institute of Public Finance and Public Policy, formerly the Institute of Public Finance and Institute of Public Policy and Public Security established under the School of Public Administration and Policy, was established on June 24, 2011. In accordance with the requirements of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, Ministry of Education and Renmin University of China on establishment and adjustment of the second-class discipline beyond the classification of instructional programs, the second-class discipline of “Public Finance and Public Policy” has been deliberated and approved by the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the University. Professor Lan Zhiyong serves as the first director.

In terms of public finance management, the Institute is devoted to active participation in the preparation and system design of Chinese finance and taxation policies and plays a think-tank role in China’s political economic and social life; its research scope involves the basic theory of finance and taxation and basic research method, finance and taxation policy decision-making and system design, finance and taxation management system and macroeconomic policy effectiveness evaluation.

In terms of public policy, the Institute assumes the responsibility for cultivating the inter-disciplinary policy analysis talents for the Party and government departments, enterprises and public institutions and also undertakes the task about research of public policy theory, method and practice. The main research fields include basic theory and method of public policy; empirical research on China’s public policy; comparison of international public policies; simulation research on public policy. The Institute keeps good cooperative relationship with the domestic and foreign universities, colleges and public policy research institutions, undertakes several research projects such as national social science foundation and natural science foundation and participates in the construction of public policy laboratory of Renmin University of China.

The Institute establishes the public finance management major (doctoral degree and master’s degree) and public policy major (master’s degree) and is responsible for cultivation of the MPA majoring in finance and taxation management and public policy.


Institute of Social Security

The Institute of Social Security of School of Public Administration and Policy of Renmin University of China, established in 2001, owns outstanding faculties on the frontier of the discipline construction and academic research (click here). The team of teachers has undertaken dozens of international and domestic important research topics, participated in the national social security system reform and health care system reform decision demonstration and obtained more than 20 outstanding achievement awards.

The Institute is a research institution having high opening degree and has established wide relationship with lots of foreign universities or institutions.

The Institute has two second-class discipline units: social security discipline unit, public health policy and management discipline unit.

The social security discipline unit of the Institute is a key discipline unit in Beijing and owns the postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral research stations and is responsible for enrolling and cultivating full-time postgraduates, doctoral students, MPA, postgraduate class, post doctors and visiting scholars.

The public health policy and management major owns the master’s degree program and is responsible for enrolling and cultivating full-time postgraduates, MPA ad post doctors.

Enrollment and main curriculums:

Enroll the doctoral students majoring in social security and main research directions include theory and policy of social insurance, economy of social security, social security and finance. Main curriculums include social security literature reading, social security policy analysis and research on frontier theory of social security.

Enroll full-time students majoring in social security and MPAs whose main curriculums include theoretical research on social security, international comparison of social security, social security fund management, enterprise annuity plan, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance and human resources management.


Institute of Organization and Human Resources

Established in June 2001, the Institute of Organization and Human Resources of Renmin University of China (hereinafter referred to as “Institute of Organization and Human Resources”) is a new teaching and research institute combining the functions of teaching, scientific research, training and consulting. Now it has 7 full-time teachers, including 4 professors and doctorial supervisors, 2 associate professors, 1 lecturer; and 4 adjunct professors.

The Institute of Organization and Human Resources takes public organizations (including government agencies, the Party and the masses, public institutions and troops) and enterprises as the main research subjects and carries out theoretical research and practical analysis of the human resources management at the macroscopic and microscopic level. At the macroscopic level, the Institute’s research focuses on the environment, policy, mechanism and labor market situation of human resources development. At the microscopic level, the Institute’s research focuses on organizational theory, human resources development and management theory and technique, the development and management theory of public human resources, theory and development of leadership, etc.

The Institute of Organization and Human Resources not only carries out the scientific research but also undertakes the teaching and cultivation tasks of doctoral candidates, master degree candidates and MPAs. The Institute is the first program for doctoral and master’s degree of public organization and human resources and the program for master’s degree of labor economy approved by the Ministry of Education.

The Institute of Organization and Human Resources sticks to the concept of combining the theoretical research and teaching practice and undertakes lots of training and consultation work for public organizations and enterprises based on the discipline advantages and aims to provide theoretical and practical guidance for the human resources development and management of Chinese public organizations and enterprises during and after transformation in order to help Chinese public organizations and enterprises improve the human resources management level and improve the performance level of public organizations and enterprises.


Institute of Quantitative Analysis in Public Administration

No contents


 Institute of Non-profit Organization

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 Public Governance and Harmonious City Research Center

Under construction 


Research Center of Government Management and Reform

The Research Center of Government Management and Reform of Renmin University of China is a high-end research institution and training institution in public administration and management science, which aims to study the theoretical and practical problems in the field of public administration, communicate and disseminate knowledge of public administration, provide public administration consulting and improve the performance of the government, public organization and public enterprise.

Professor Zhang Chengfu, director of the Center, carries out long-term research of basic theory of public administration, publishes lots of influential academic achievements, focuses on the practice of governmental reform for a long-term period and undertakes major central and local programs in administrative system reform, social management, public service, crisis management and E-government; in addition, Professor Zhang is also committed to the introduction of interdisciplinary exchange and spread of public management knowledge, serves as the chief expert of Administration Management (Ma Gongcheng), takes charge of the platform of “public policy and public management ability construction” of 985 Project of Renmin University of China and compiles “collection of translations of classic books in public administration” (dozens of books have been published by China Renmin University Press) and several management-related teaching materials and translations.

The Research Center owns powerful research team and is composed of senior governmental officials having experience in public administration, professors and experts who are committed to the research of public administration and who have made remarkable achievements and the senior managers of public organizations.

In recent years, the scientific research team led by Professor Zhang Cehngfu, undertakes several programs and brainstorm projects entrusted by national ministries, commissions and local government, submits several high-level governmental reform research reports, pays full attention to the practical problems about the governmental management and reform in Modern China and is devoted to promoting the management innovation and accelerating the social development.


Research Center of Human Resources Development and Management

Research Center of Human Resources Development and Management of Renmin University of China was jointly established by Institute of Labor Science of United Labor and Social Security Department of Renmin University of China and Chinese Academy of Personnel Science at the beginning of 2000. It integrates three major tasks namely scientific research, training and consultation and adopts the management methods combining the project responsibility system and personnel employment system. The research of the Center focuses on following three aspects: firstly, macropolicy research on Chinese human resources development; secondly, research on enterprise human resources management mode; thirdly, the research on the technique and method of human resources development and management. The Center aims to provide theoretical basis for decision making of government’s macro-human resources development; provide consultation for enterprise human resources management; develop itself into a base for cultivation of senior talents in human resources development and management.


Research Center of Urban and Rural Development Planning and Management

The Research Center of Urban and Rural Development Planning and Management of Renmin University of China is the first research center taking the planning and management as the research subject among national institutions of higher education, which comprehensively utilizes the theories and methods of disciplines such as Economy, Sociology, Planning and Public Policy, continuously carries out the targeted urban and rural planning and management research and makes efforts to develop itself into a national influential urban and rural development planning and management research base. The research projects carried out by the Center include Planning Study on Overall Urban and Rural Development in China’s Rapid Urbanization Period, Study on Beijing’s Sustainable Development, Capital Overall Planning Implementation and Evaluation-based on Survey of Residents’ Satisfaction, Study on Chengdu Overall Urban and Rural Development, Dunhuang Overall Urban and Rural Development Planning, Study on Planning Management Mode of Zhongguancun Development Zone, Evaluation of Urban Village Planning Implementation Policy in Haidian District and Evaluation of Planning Implementation of Yizhuang Economic and Technical Development Zone, which are well received in the society. Planning and management is a major difficulty for Chinese urban and rural planning and the Center will be committed to the research on Chinese urban and rural planning and management in the transformation period. People from all walks of life are welcomed to promote the urban and rural planning and development transformation in China.


Research Center of Land Policy and System

Research Center of Land Policy and System of Renmin University of China, established in December 2007, is mainly committed to the research of urban and rural overall development and urban and rural development, research of real estate finance and legal system, enterprise strategy consultation, enterprise strategy consultation and relevant business training. The Center regularly releases Research Report of China’s Real Estate Market and White Paper of China’s Real Estate Market. The vision of the Center is to establish a permanent communication, exchange and interaction platform, promote the research of major problems, policies and systems in land and other relevant fields in the government, academic circle and industrial circle, form rational communication and good interactive relationship and jointly research China’s land policy and system optimization and design. The current Director of the Center is Professor Ye Jianping.


Research Center of Land Planning

Research Center of Land Planning of Renmin University of China, established in September 2006, is a national Class A land planning institution. The Center aims to further improve the scientific research and teaching level of land resources management major, give full play to the overall advantages of Renmin University of China and promote the theoretical and practical research of land planning. The current Director of the Center is Professor Yan Jinming.


Research Center of Crisis Management

Established in 2004, the Center takes crisis prevention and stability maintenance as purpose and takes promotion of the improvement of “one plan and three systems” and improvement of the effect of the Party and governmental departments in response to emergencies and media and public sentiment as the purpose. The Honorary Director of the Center is Zhang Chengfu and the current Director is Tang Jun.

Firstly, research of crisis management. Carry out systematic research on emergency management and crisis PR in the platform of major subject of philosophy and social science of “Systematic Research of National Public Crisis Safety Management” organized by Ministry of Education; publish Theory and Practice of Public Crisis Management, Evaluation of Government’s Ability of Crisis Management and Crisis PR and Management of Public Department; and undertake the research of safe cities such as Sichuan, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

Secondly, research of social stability maintenance. Undertake “social stability maintenance risk governance and scientific management system construction” and create “one network, two libraries and three points”.

Thirdly, research of safe campus. Undertake “safe campus prevention and control system” and initiate “proactive protection and scientific management”.

Fourthly, national professional qualification verification of “bailout”. Undertake the compilation of Bailout, the unified national teaching material of Bailout Promotion Center of Ministry of Civil Affairs, modification of national professional qualification standard of emergency assistant and development of national professional qualification question bank.

Fifthly, research of risk management. Undertake “standard of risk government” and promote national risk standard of social management activities of Party and governmental departments.

Sixthly, risk evaluation. Release Risk Evaluation Report of Government Image and Enterprise Risk Report.

Seventhly, research of crisis PR. Undertake “research of urban management PR construction” and promote image optimization and construction of PR system.

Eighthly, research of government image and the will and thinking of the people. Continuously publish Government Image and Will and Thinking of the People.

Website: (risk management and scientific management network)


Real Estate Information Center

Since the establishment in 2000, Real Estate Information Center of Renmin University of China has participated in more than ten longitudinal projects such as Natural Science Foundation of China, Social Science Foundation of China and Humanities & Social Sciences Foundation of Ministry of Education and more than ten transverse projects. Personnel of the Center actively participate in the compilation and revision of “real estate series textbooks for 21st century” and “land management series textbooks for 21st century” published by China Renmin University Press.

Main researches of the Center focus on real estate policy and system, real estate development and operation, urban construction and management, real estate finance and market, research and application of real estate information system.

The Center, as the scientific research activity place for teachers and postgraduates in the Department of Land Management, consists of multimedia research room and reference room. The reference room of the Center introduces more than 100 academic works every year and subscribes to more than 10 academic journals, thus providing rich frontier information for the faculties and students in the Department of Land Management. The reference room is also open to the postgraduates of relevant majors in the school so as to facilitate sharing of information resources.

The Center holds the academic workshop for territorial resources and real estate management regularly and works hard to develop the Department of Land Management into a leading department in development of land science discipline. Moreover, the Center also holds academic saloon irregularly so as to create good academic atmosphere and rapidly transform the scientific research achievements into productivity or teaching materials.

Development conception of Real Estate Information Center:

(1) Participate in government policy research. Undertake the subject researches of real estate policies of relevant ministries, commissions and governments at different levels.

(2) Participate in the enterprise management research. Undertake the subject researches of real estate development, operation, market analysis, financial insurance and property management of governments at different levels and real estate enterprises.

(3) Improve the construction of reference room. Introduce more than 100 academic works and journals every year. Propose to establish a website for the Center and share the resources of the Center.

(4) Seek for partners, establish development funds and provide financial support for the scientific research of the Center.

Previous directors of Real Estate Information Center: Professor Xie Jingrong and Professor Ye Jianping; current Director: Associate Professor of Tan Jun.


 Research Center of Health Care System Reform and Development

Research Center of Health Care System Reform and Development of Renmin University of China (abbreviated as Medical Reform Research Center), established in January 2007, is an independent research institution integrating scientific research, teaching and consultation. Adhering to the purpose of “make scientific research for people, serve the society, make continuous innovation and promote cooperation and development”, Medical Reform Research Center is good at taking discipline theory of public administration and public policy as the research tool and makes full use of the cluster competitive advantage of Public Administration; the Center is committed to the research of China’s medical reform policy and will affect the preparation and implementation of health policies with featured academic achievements, thus providing academic support and decision-making reference for Chinese governmental departments.

Medical Reform Research Center has a high-quality and step-like research team composed of professors, associate professors, lecturers, postdoctoral research fellows, doctoral candidates and master degree candidates and has recruited several domestic and foreign famous experts and scholars to act as part-time professors. Medical Reform Research Center pays close attention to the development trends of global health service and keeps exchange and cooperation with several internationally renowned universities, colleges and research institutions. The Director of the Center is Professor Wang Hufeng.



Research Center of Hospital Management

Research Center of Hospital Management of Renmin University of China is jointly initiated and established by Renmin University of China and Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals. The Center establishes a cross-departmental cooperation platform and establishes a diversified research team mainly composed of leaders of competent governmental departments, experts, scholars and hospital managers.

Research Center of Hospital Management sticks to the reform of public hospitals and researches the basic concept, basic theory and basic problems of hospital management; meanwhile, the Center also makes in-depth special research on medical reform policy, medical insurance system, separation of clinic from pharmacy, pilot practice of medical reform and corporate governance model. The Center actively discovers the reform route of public hospitals, researches the management method of modern hospitals, actively makes plans for the reform of Beijing or even national public hospitals, discovers the reform and management mode of public hospitals with Chinese characteristics and strives to create the most authoritative and influential think tank platform in the field of China’s medical and health management field.



Financial Information Center

Under construction…


Center for Youth Leadership

Center for Youth Leadership (CYL), established in September 2011, is a frontier experimental unit for youth leadership, international and ability-type course construction. The Center aims to research and apply the international leading teaching mode and provide structural, systematic, specific and practical youth leadership and responsibility sense cultivation based on the actual situations of China, so as to inspire the potential of youth leadership, improve the action capability of the youth and enhance the youth’s awareness in influencing others and serving the society. With international teaching mode and wide courses, the Center also aims to cultivate new talents who can skillfully apply and switch Chinese and western thinking patterns.

Organizational structure of the Center:

Consultants (ordering by acronymy):

Professor Dong Keyong           President of SPAP of Renmin University of China

Secretary General of National MPA Education Steering Committee

Professor Sun Jianmin           Vice President of School of Science of Renmin University of China and Director of Department of Psychology

Professor Zhu Liyan           Director of Institute of Organization and Human Resources of SPAP

Director: Wang Dan   

Executive Director: He Liang  

Daily functions of the Center:

1. Case research and development. Make use of the international frontier case research and development mode, track the latest domestic and foreign research trends about youth leadership and develop Chinese localization cases for teaching use.

2. Creative teaching. Establish the courses related to the cultivation of youth leadership, such as speech, communication, negotiation and entrepreneurship; adopt intensive reading of literatures, case study, simulation exercise, self-reflection and other international leading teaching mode.

3. Exchange and practice. Provide support and platform for young people to carry out external exchange and practices.

4. Youth training. Make use of the teacher and relevant resources of the Center to provide young people with structured, systematic, specific and practical youth leadership training.

5. Book compilation and translation. Research and compile the books according to the situation of domestic youth and teaching practice; introduce and translate relevant international leading books.

Since the establishment, the Center keeps wide exchanges with the teachers and students from the first-class universities in the world such as Harvard University and Columbia University and researches and promotes relevant training projects. The innovative courses such as Research Method and Strategic Negotiation are also widely praised by the faculties and students. As a leading pilot unit for ability-type course reform of Renmin University of China, the Center sticks to the value of openness and diversity and provides the widest platform for the motivated young people.





Research Center of Local Finance

Research Center of Local Finance was established in November 2011. The Director of the Center is Associate Professor Cui Jun.

Research Center of Local Finance aims to establish the solid local finance research platform, gather powerful research strength and attract experts and scholars inside and outside SPAP of Renmin University of China and personnel from finance and taxation practice department to jointly carry out the monographic study in local finance field.

Main research directions of Research Center of Local Finance:

1. Research on the financial distribution relationship among governments;

2. Research on the transfer payment system among governments;

3. Research on finance management system under provincial level;

4. Research on local tax system construction and its improvement;

5. Research on local government’s debt management;

6. Research on local government’s finance construction;

7. Research on local financial system innovation;

8. Research on “land finance” problem of local government;

9. Comparison and reference study of foreign local finance management and local finance construction;

10. Research on other matters related to local finance.

Near-term work plan of Research Center of Local Finance:

1. Undertake the subject research of national and relevant ministries and commissions and local government on local finance;

2. Grasp the frontier trends of local finance research to form the latest research progress review;

3. Compile “Research Report of China’s Local Finance Development”;

4. Prepare relevant teaching materials for local finance management and construction; compile the foreign classic literatures and teaching materials of local finance;

5. Organize “Academic Salon for Finance and Taxation” and construct academic communication and exchange mechanism.


National Security Research Center

Under construction


Research Center of Public Organization Performance Management

Research Center of Public Organization Performance Management of Renmin University of China is a scientific research institution integrating academic research, project consultation and education training and is led and constructed by Professor Fang Zhenbang from Institute of Organization and Human Resources of SPAP, who serves as the Director of the Research Center. Taking “seeking the truth of public administration; attaining the perfection of public performance” as the mission, taking “foresight and sagacity, global vision, innovation and pragmatism, cooperation and mutual benefit” as the core value and taking “developing the Center into the leading and first-class public performance research institution at home and abroad by 2020” as the vision, the Research Center is committed to providing powerful intellectual support and technical support for the improvement of performance level of Chinese public organizations.

At present, the Research Center has a high-quality scientific research team and has recruited the domestic and foreign first-class experts, scholars and senior officials of central and local government as the adjunct professors, thus providing a profound theoretical research foundation and valuable practical experience for the development of the Research Center. Up to now, Research Center of Public Organization Performance Management has undertaken several scientific research projects such as Natural Science Foundation of China and Social Science Foundation of China, consultation projects such as policy consultation of central ministries and commissions and performance management of local government and has published several monographs and teaching materials in the field of public performance.



Research Center of Real Estate Tax Evaluation

Established in March 2012, Research Center of Real Estate Tax Evaluation of Renmin University of China takes the real estate tax base evaluation, mass appraisal system CAMA development, real estate database construction, tax evaluation practicing qualification and evaluation organization as the core research contents and undertakes the education and training tasks of mass appraisal professionals and provides consulting services for local real estate tax base evaluation. The Director of the Center is Associate Professor Qu Weidong.


Housing Development Research Center

Established in March 2012, Housing Development Research Center of Renmin University of China adheres to the development concept of “seeking truth and governing and benefiting the people” and aims to develop itself into an important research base integrating the scientific research, teaching, consultation and decision-making service in China’s housing field. The main research focuses on housing system and policy, housing development and construction, relationship between housing and social economy, etc. The Center will rely on the cooperative relationship with Asian Housing Alliance and Asian Real Estate Society as well as the support from domestic and foreign housing field to discover and settle the frontier theoretical problems of China’s housing and hot practical problems. The Director of the Center is Professor Lv Ping.



Research Center of Development Strategy of China’s Local Government

Research Center of Development Strategy of China’s Local Government of Renmin University of China focuses on local government’s innovation and urban governance practice and aims to provide decision-making consultation and think-tank service for local development and government innovation, summarizes the new practice, new mechanism and new mode of local government’s innovation, promotes the policy innovation and diffusion and improves the performance of local governance. The Center was established in 2013 and the current director is Professor Wei Na and the executive director is Professor Yang Hongshan.

Main tasks: 1. Carry out the comparative study of local government’s theory, system and practice to form high-quality theoretical achievements, publish academic papers and monographs; 2. Focus on the frontier field of local governance, highlight the problems and carry out policy analysis and evaluation so as to provide decision-making consultation and think-tank support for local government’s innovation; 3. Carry out social survey and empirical study, summarize the new practice, new mechanism and new mode of local government’s innovation and promote the policy innovation and diffusion; 4. Establish exchange platform between the scholars and local government, hold activities such as lectures and workshops, carry out subject research and enhance interaction, cooperation and knowledge dissemination; 5. Cooperate with relevant organizations to provide training service for local government and support the local government to improve the quality and ability of civil servants.


Research Center of Public Security Risk Governance

Taking “enhancing academic research, promoting academic exchange and expanding academic influence” as the purpose, Research Center of Public Security Risk Governance has the following main objectives: establish a platform that can facilitate the in-depth communication and exchange with domestic and foreign scholars, improve the academic research level of public security risk governance; work closely with the departments and local branches such as Emergency Office of the State Council, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Civil Affairs and State Administration of Work Safety, promote the combination of theory and practice and carry out subject researches so as to provide high-quality decision-making consulting service; develop public security and emergency management related courses.

Main researches of the Center focus on public security strategy and policy; basic theory of disaster and emergency management; emergency management of public conflict and mass disturbance; research of public security-related hot issues such as food safety, anti-terrorism emergency management, key infrastructure protection and overseas public security.  

Associate Professor Wang Hongwei, Director of the Center, is mainly engaged in the theory teaching of public security and emergency management, opens courses such as “Introduction of Emergency Management” and “Crisis Decision-making”, takes charge of the self-selection course of “Public Security Management” of the Organization Department of the Central Committee, publishes academic works namely Response Mechanism for Major Emergencies (China Renmin University Press) and Theory and Practice of Emergency Management (Social Sciences Academic Press), teaching material Introduction to Emergency Management (China Renmin University Press), MPA teaching material Public Crisis Management (China Renmin University Press) and translation of Introduction of Emergency Management and completes several emergency management scientific research projects entrusted by Emergency Office of the State Council, Emergency Office of Beijing and Office of Anti-terrorism of Ministry of Public Security.

The specialized subject of Associate Professor Liu Peng is food safety management and Liu had gained the financial aid from Natural Science Foundation of China and Mingde Scholar Plan for the food safety problems.

Doctor Tang Jie is good at analyzing the mass resistance behavior from the sociological perspective and is good at researching the conflict management and response to the mass disturbance.

Contact information: 13020089095


Research Center of Urban and Regional Development 

Center tenet

At the demand of national economic transformation and development, deepening reform and construction of ecological economic environment proposed by central authority, industrial upgrading and urbanization construction become the two important topics in the future economic development of China. The in-depth research on the field is of great significance and wide significance for the future urbanization development of China. Therefore, Professor Liu Yunhua from SPAP and Professor Tang Fangfang from Peking University jointly initiate, together with Doctor Ni Pengfei, Researcher of National Academy of Economic Strategy of CASS and Doctor Liu Yong, Researcher of Development Research Center of the State Council, construction of the Research Center and hope to establish a research team composed of inter-disciplinary personnel having multiple academic backgrounds, so as to jointly promote the research on above fields. 

Objective: establish an international first-class academic research center, cultivate top young scholars and postgraduates in China, issue an international first-class academic journal, organize annual academic conferences and provide high-quality policy consultation for China’s urbanization construction.

Scope of Main Academic Activities in the Center

The Center will mainly promote the work in following aspects based on the main line of theoretical exploration, drawing lessons from international experience and combining China’s industrial development and urbanization practice.

Organize the academic seminars and conferences about the major economic problems in the industrial upgrading and urbanization construction and development.

Publish international academic journal China Urban and Regional Development Review, which is published by Singapore World Scientific Publisher (one of the world’s largest science and technology publishing houses).

Undertake the major research programs in national industrial upgrading and urbanization construction.

Provide policy consultation for the provincial and regional industrial upgrading and urbanization construction and development.

Current research topics:

Research on industrial structure and employment situation in the development of small- and medium-sized cities

Urban industrial structure optimization and measurement index system

Low-carbon city development, city size and urban competitiveness measurement

Introduction of main members of the research team:

Doctor Liu Yunhua, Director of the Center

Doctor Liu, the professor and doctoral supervisor of Department of Urban Planning and Management of SPAP of Renmin University of China, has successively taught lessons in Business School, School of Humanities and Public Administration Graduate School of Nanyang Technological University for twenty years and mainly teaches the urban management and regional economic development strategy; the main students are the local officials in different provinces and cities. Doctor Liu is devoted to providing policy consultation about housing and traffic for Singapore government. In recent years, Doctor Liu provides urban development consultation for several domestic cities and regions.                                   

Research fields: the industrial structure, employment and balanced social development during urban development; land, housing policy and market management in urban development, modern industrial structure and new urban construction mode, urban competitiveness and construction of livable environment in the comprehensive urban development.

Doctor Tang Fangfang, Guest Professor of the Center

Doctor Tang is the professor and doctoral supervisor of biMBA and the director of National Policy Laboratory. Doctor Tang teaches in many foreign countries and regions for many years such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel and Europe. Doctor Tang’s teachers are John C. Harsanyi (master of game theory) and Professor Reinhard Selten (1994 Nobel Prize-winning economist). In 1997, Doctor Tang won Heinz Sauermann Prize of Economic Science Association (biennial).

Research fields: game theory and experimental economics; regional development strategy, production-related service industry, industrial park and industrial clusters effect; climate change, low-carbon economy and carbon finance; E-commerce and mobile commerce, network marketing and online financing. Moreover, Doctor Tang has many years of experience in industrial consultation, practice and financing.

Doctor Ni Pengfei, Specially Invited Researcher of the Center

Researcher of National Academy of Economic Strategy of CASS

Research fields: theoretical and practical research on Urban Economics, Real Estate Economics, Space Finance, Urban Competitiveness and National Competitiveness. Doctor Ni successively undertakes the programs assigned by the central government, bid invitation program for national major social science foundation and other programs entrusted by the international organizations such as United Nations, World Bank and European Union, national ministries and commissions such as Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce, local governments of Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Now Doctor Ni has published Report on Urban Competitiveness of China (annual report) for 11 times, Report on Global Urban Competitiveness (biennial report) for 4 times, Report on Housing Development of China (annual) for 4 times and Report on National Competitiveness of China (biennial). As an expert in economic and strategic field, Doctor Ni has carried out case, strategy and countermeasure research for nearly 20 provinces and cities in China and has published 12 case monographs. The research achievement plays a significant decision-making and reference role in regional and urban development.

Doctor Liu Yong, Specially Invited Researcher of the Center

Researcher of Development Research Center of the State Council

Research fields: regional development strategy, urbanization and urban planning, regional industrial development and layout and regional sustainable development. Doctor Liu has participated in the research of national economic and social development planning project and the research of regional development strategy and urbanization development strategy of China for many times. Doctor Liu has independently published two monographs namely Research on Urbanization Strategy of China and Regional Development and Regional Leading Industry; participated in the compilation of more than 20 monographs and regional planning strategy reports; published more than 30 academic papers. The research achievements play a reference role in the decision-making of central and local governments.

Contact information

Professor Liu Yunhua

Address: No. 59, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, zip code: 100872


Mobile: 15712924792

Administrative Assistant: Guo Xiaorui

Address: No. 59, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, zip code: 100872

Telephone: 010-62514875

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Research Center of Talents Selection and Evaluation

Research Center of Talents Selection and Evaluation is the first research center named after “talents selection and evaluation” among national universities and colleges. The Center is devoted to gathering the talents selection and evaluation experts to promote the development of talents selection and evaluation in China, thus making contribution to the talent team construction of different kinds of units at different levels.

Director: Professor Li Chaoping