Party (Youth League) Committee Office of SPAP

Assist the Party Committee of SPAP in carrying out advocacy and ideological and political education among the faculties and students, take charge of the education, management, supervision and service work of the Party members, the education and cultivation work of the Party activists, regular cultivation of Party members and the work in Labor Union and masses; be responsible for the work of the Communist Youth League, uniting, educating and managing the young league members and guiding the student organizations to carry out various academic activities, recreational and sports activities, social work and voluntary service.

Office room: Qiushi Building 114

Fax: +86-10-62516244

Department Head: Gu Kunpeng

Secretary of Youth League Committee:  Gu Kunpeng Contact number: +86-10-62513350

Secretary in charge of Party affairs: Chen Xia Contact number: +86-10-62516244

Secretary in charge of student affairs: Liu Chang  Contact number:+86-10-62516244

SPAP Office

Be responsible for the daily public administration, personnel management, financial management, foreign affairs management and alumni service of SPAP; implement or convey relevant decisions of the University to the departments and inform SPAP of relevant decisions.

Telephone: +86-10-62511122

Fax:  +86-10-62516240

Office room: Qiushi Building 110

Office Director: Yu Yanwen Contact number: +86-10-62519539

Financial Secretary: Xie Limin Contact number: +86-10-62512086

Secretary in charge of foreign affairs: Mai Qiulin Contact number: +86-10-82502103

Clerk: Zhou Li Contact number: +86-10-62511122

Clerk: Zhang Yanxia Contact number: +86-10-62511122

Secretary of the Department: Meng Zhaoxia Contact number: +86-10-62512119

Secretary of Alumni: Yu Weifang Contact number: +86-10-62510928

Teaching Affairs Section of SPAP

Be responsible for the teaching and management of undergraduates, enrollment, cultivation and degree management of postgraduates and doctoral candidates, scientific research management and post-doctoral management.

Office room: Qiushi Building 109 (postgraduate, scientific research), Qiushi Building 108 (undergraduate)

Section Chief and Secretary of Scientific Research: Chen Hong Contact number: +86-10-62512622

Vice Section Chief and Secretary in charge of teaching affairs of doctoral candidates:

Lin Yong Contact number: +86-10-62513641

Secretary of teaching affairs of postgraduates: Qiao Shuli Contact number: +86-10-62511027

Secretary of teaching affairs of undergraduates: Feng Wenting Contact number: +86-10-62515557

Student Affairs Office of SPAP

Cooperate with the Teaching Affairs Office and MPA Office to take charge of the management service and comprehensive evaluation of students, which involves student status management (formalities for school enrollment, transfer and withdrawal, suspension of schooling and resumption of schooling, graduation and study in school and quit of schooling), extracurricular activities, social practice, reward and punishment, ideology and mentality, international exchange, recommendation of excellent students and postgraduate recommendation, internship and employment.

Telephone: +86-10-62516244

Fax:  +86-10-62516244

Office room: Qiushi Building 114

Department Head: Gu Kunpeng (part-time)     Contact number: +86-10-62513350

Staff:  Chen Xia (part-time)     Contact number: +86-10-62516244

Staff:  Liu Chang          Contact number: +86-10-62516244

MPA Education Center of SPAP

Director: Professor Xu Guangjian (part-time); office is established.

MPA Office: be responsible for the enrollment, admission and relevant consultation before examination for MPA; cultivation, degree and teacher recruitment and teaching evaluation of MPA.

Fax: +86-10-62513870


Office room: Qiushi Building 116

Office Director: Wang Chun Contact number: +86-10-62513870 

Office Secretary: Chen Yixin Contact number: +86-10-62513886

Training Center of SPAP

Coordinate the non-academic education training projects of different levels and kinds in SPAP: (1) course seminar; (2) application for master degree with the same educational level; (3) other trainings. 

Fax:  +86-10-62516617

Office space: Qiushi Building 115 and 117

Director: Cheng Xiaomei      Contact number: +86-10-62511439

Project Assistant

Guo Haixia      Contact number: +86-10-62511985

Bian Yusong      Contact number: +86-10-62513554

Li Yunqing    Contact number: +86-10-62516241

Wu Shanshan     Contact number: +86-10-62516617

Guo Xiaorui      Contact number: +86-10-62514875

Library of SPAP

Cooperate with the different departments of SPAP to provide discipline construction, teaching and scientific research service for relevant majors of SPAP; the Library is open to all faculties, doctoral students, MPA students, postgraduates and undergraduates. The Library has the reading room, periodical room and E-reading room.

Fax:  +86-10-62511561

Office room: Qiushi Building 107

Chief Librarian: Huang Renxia     Contact number: +86-10-62512100

Public Management Experiment Center

Be responsible for the website construction and maintenance of SPAP; carry out computer technology training for the faculties of SPAP regularly; undertake the procurement, custody and maintenance of electronic equipment of SPAP; manage the ancillary teaching facilities such as the laboratory, computer room, case study room and multimedia language classroom; produce multimedia courseware and electronic learning materials; develop distance education system.

Fax:  +86-10-62512726

Director: Wu Yuanmin    Office room: Qiushi Building 325    Contact number: +86-10-62512585

Clerk: Liu Shanshan    Office room: Qiushi Building 325    Contact number: +86-10-62512585 

Editorial Department of Public Achievement and Management Review

Be responsible for the review, modification, determination and compilation of the manuscripts of the periodicals as well as the communication with the author and reviewer.

Office room: Room 707, Research Activities Building B 


Editor: Yang Kaifeng

Assistant Editor: Guo Wei