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Hospital Performance Management




Published byChemical Industry Press, October, 2016


The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee proposed to“accelerate public hospital reforms, carry out government responsibilities, establishscientific medical performance evaluation mechanism, and buildpersonnelsystems and talent cultivation systems.”With the deepening of medical and healthcare system reform, the performance managementin hospitals as the core of human resources management plays an increasingly important role in public hospital reforms. Under the background of deepening the reforms, it has become the focus and challenge of hospital managers to build scientific hospital performance management system that is strategic, balanced, coordinative and dynamic to respond to the development trends of hospital management and reform trends of medical and healthcare. Through the system, the strategy can be put into practice, the hospitals can be endowed with sustainable competitive advantages, and the urgent needs of the stakeholders for medical and healthcare service can be met.

Based on performance management theories, Hospital Performance Managementcomprehensivelyelaborates the basic theories, models, methodologies and techniques of hospital performance management. Under the framework of hospital performance management model, the book systematically introduces the process and key decisions of hospital performance management to address the problems the readers may meet in their daily work.