2016 National MPA Deans Conference Undertook by SPAP 中国人民大学公共管理学院 

2016 National MPA Deans Conference Undertook by SPAP

On August 27, 2016, the National MPA Deans Conference was held in Beijing. It was sponsored by the National MPA Education Steering Committee and undertook by School of Public Administration and Policy, RUC.Participants included Xin Changxing, Chairman of the committee, Deputy Director of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Director of State Administration of Civil Service, Liu Wei, Vice Chairman of the committee andPresident of Renmin University of China, Huang Baoyin, Deputy Director of Academic Degree Commission Office, the State Council and Deputy Director of Department of Degree Management and Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Education, and all other members of the committee. In addition, around 300 representatives of the MPA education units attended the meeting.



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Deputy Director Xin Changxing reviewed the achievement the MPA education gained for the past 15 years. He required the committee to adhere to the principal of “planning and leading, steady advance, overall coordination, university service, regional guidance”, to advance the construction of first-class discipline, to strengthen standardization, to build scientific quality evaluation and accreditation system, and perfect the MPA education service platform shared by all universities and colleges.



Deputy Director Xin Changxing was giving a speech


President Liu Wei extended a warm welcome to the committee members and representatives, indicating that the RUC will support the committee as always. He pointed out that MPA education should be realistic, devote to addressing Chinese issues, insist on quality-orientation and normative development, and explore a MPA training system with Chinese characteristics.



President Liu Wei was giving a speech


Deputy Director Huang Baoyin reviewed the development progress of MPA education in China. He encouraged the committee to play a leading role, intensify the management, push construction through evaluation, constantly improving the quality of MPA education.



Deputy Director Huang Baoyin was giving a speech


Yang Kaifeng, the fourth Secretory-General of the committee, reported the Five-Year plan of the committee, the summary of its work in 2015-2016 school year, and the working plan in 2016-2017 school year. Lin Mengquan, Directorof Division of Evaluation, Degree Center of the Ministry of Education, introduced the work about education accreditation, discipline evaluation and teaching level evaluation. Other members who reported related work were Chen Qunzhou, Vice Chairman of the committee, Yan Jirong, Vice Chairman of the committee, Xu Xiaolin, Chief of Strategic Development Group, Zheng Xiaoqi, Chief of Admission Group, Li Junqing, Chief of Teacher Training Group, Chen Zhenming, Chief of Theses and Case Studies Group, and Sun Tao, Chief of Evaluation and Accreditation Group.

The participants attended 11 panels to have a further discussion and then shared their opinions and suggestions at the conference. Secretory-General Yang Kaifeng made a summary. Through colleting the opinion, the conference improved communications, built consensus and gained more power.