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Alumni of Administrative Management Department Returned to University and Pool Wisdom to Discuss Discipline Development Collectively

In April, spring is in the air in Beijing. On April 16, on the eve of the 30th birthday of the Administrative Management Department, its alumni gathered at the Alma Mater to hold the symposium on reminiscing the old days and seeking the development in the future. The symposium was attended by Dean Yang Kaifeng, Party Secretary Li Jiafu, and Sun Boying, Qi Fanhua and Zhang Zhang who are the teachers in the Administrative Management Department. A total of over 60 alumni representatives from the government agencies, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, enterprise and NGO showed up in the symposium. Specially, Zhu Zhongqun, monitor of the first postgraduate students’ class in 1988, paid a special trip to the Alma Mater from Shanghai to express the heartfelt wishes to the Alma Mater on behalf of the seniors. Many other alumni, including Dong Shirong, Liu Tongliang, Wang Xiuda, Dong Xiaoyu, Xiong Zhigang and Zhu Haiyan, also squeezed some time from their busy schedule to offer advices for the better development of the Administrative Management Department.


Alumnus Zhu Zhongqun makes a speech



Alumnus Dong Shirong makes a speech

The symposium was centered on three themes: firstly, review the discipline development achievements in the past 30 years; secondly, explore the working ideas of the department alumni; thirdly, offer advice on discipline development of the Administrative Management Department. Party Secretary Li Jiafu, firstly made a speech to welcome the alumni, introduced the development history and achievements of the administrative management major in the past 30 years and hoped that the alumni would further boost the development of the Administrative Management Department with wisdom, idea and influence. In addition to this, Sun Boying, department director, used three core words, i.e. “Appreciation, cooperation and sharing”, to communicate to the alumni the idea design and preparations for a series of activities to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Administrative Management Department, and introduced the preparation plan on setting up the “Development Foundation of Administrative Management Discipline” under the assistance of the university’s education foundation.

Afterwards, the alumni responded to the advocacy of the school or Administrative Management Department actively by holding the heated discussion. It was generally believed by them that, the discipline was the knowledge cradle for a batch of students majored in the administrative management inside the Renmin University of China and mind harbor for the alumni while the students majored in the administrative management were the brand of the university and proud resources of the School of Public Administration and Policy, and that they had the mission and sense of responsibility to gain recognition for the School of Public Administration and Policy and administrative management discipline. Furthermore, the alumni said that, with the elapse of thirty years, the friendship between teachers and students, sense of belonging that they had in the Administrative Management Department, public feelings and down-to-earth spirit cultivation provided by the Alma Mater for the administration management students were unchanged. They also came up with a sequence of specific suggestions, such as publishing the articles written by the alumni, releasing the brochure themed by celebrating the departments birthday, determining the Alumni Day for the alumni and establishing the system of employing the alumni as the tutor.



Li Jiafu, School Party Secretary and Yang Kaifeng, Dean of SPAP, take part in the alumni symposium of the Administrative Management Department.

In the end, Yang Kaifeng, as the school dean, made the conference summary. He introduced the development conditions and achievements of the school in recent years to the alumni and emphasized that, inviting the alumni to return to the university may serve as an important platform for them to boost friendship and feeling and exchange information. Furthermore, the school would grasp it as an opportunity to reinforce the communication with the alumni, promote the close cooperation and joint development of the alumni and school. The alumni symposium of the Administrative Management Department came to an end successfully in the lively atmosphere.