President Liu Wei visited our school and instructed school construction

On the morning of April 14, President Liu Wei visited our school, listened to the opinions and suggestions of school leaders and teacher representatives, and learned the current development situation and future plan of the school. Zheng Shuiquan, the Assistant to the President and University Office Director attended the investigation. Yang Kaifeng, Dean of the SPAP, Li Jiafu, the Party Secretary and Vice Dean, Xu Guangjian, the Executive Vice Dean, Yan Jinming, the Vice Dean, Cui Jun, the Vice Party Secretary, Wang Dan, the Vice Party Secretary, all heads of the teaching and research sections and teacher representatives attended the symposium. The symposium was hosted by secretary Li Jiafu.




Dean Yang Kaifeng introduced the basic conditions of the school from the aspects of school construction, talent training, scientific research, intelligence base, team construction, internationalization, alumni and training; specified current problems and challenges for the SPAP according to basic situation; and announced that the school will comprehensively use the development strategy of “innovation driven, international leading, collaborative cooperation, practice promotion, and talent support” to promote all-around reform and innovation by responding to practical problems, and accelerate the school to be the international first-class key academic base and talent field in public administration.


Ye Yumin, the teacher representative and professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Management, introduced the development history and facing problems of the school from the aspects of discipline setting, student training and so on.


Professor Sun Baiying, Director of Department of Public Administration proposed opinions and suggestions from the aspects of teacher assessment system reform and classification management.


After listening to the reports of all teachers, President Liu Wei gave full affirmation to the contribution of our school in discipline construction and talent training. He pointed out that SPAP performed continuous exploration and practice in the practice process of “double first-class” goal of the university and played a positive and important role. He emphasized that in next stage, the academic research should be firm in confidence and based on local region to response to Chinese problems, serving national strategy and improving internationalization; the discipline construction should highlight the advantages, pay attention to opinions of teachers, and balance the development from integral layout; and the talent introduction should meet the discipline development demand, supply top talents, and gradually form a high-level sustainable talent team. He hoped that the school carry out various works in public administration education, research, and social service, continuously consolidate the position as domestic first-class school in public administration, and accelerate the construction pace of being an international first-class school in public administration.